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MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Showcases the Latest in Vacuum Cleaners

The Garry Vac is an ultra light vacuum cleaner designed for use on carpet, hard surfaces, upholstery and furniture.

MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Showcases the Latest in Vacuum Cleaners
New York, NY, August 22, 2011 --( Shop At Home announces its affiliation with the Garry vac. The Garry Vac is a powerful, yet ultra light vacuum providing the appropriate amount of suction power. Those commercials that show vacuum cleaners picking up bowling balls might be impressive, but a vac that can do that will not only tear up the carpet, but won’t even clean well. The Garry vacuum has just the right suction to both optimally clean and be gentle on the furnishings.

About Garry Vac
The Garry Ultra Light vacuum may be light-weight but its suction power is superlative. An upright, the agitating brush goes at 6,600 revolutions per minute, which is enough to defeat even the dirt that’s been ground, day after day, into the carpet. Of course, this most efficient of vacuum cleaners also cleans dirt and grime from the furniture, wood floors, and draperies. The best thing is that the cleaner no longer has to go over and over a spot to get up all the dirt. With the Garry Ultra Light, the dirt is gone in one pass.

The Garry Vac comes with the usual tools of most vacuum cleaners. There’s an upholstery tool for the draperies or the fabrics of chairs, sofas, car interiors and even mattresses – many people don’t understand that they’re supposed to vacuum their mattresses. The Garry Vac also comes with a dusting tool and, best of all, a crevice tool. Homeowners don’t really understand how much they need a crevice tool until they don’t have one! A crevice tool can get to where nothing else can, and the lack of one can leave a customer frustrated because there will always be that bit of dirt or grime that just can’t be accessed. To accommodate these tools, the vacuum also comes with a hose extension that can reach to eighteen and half feet. Garry also offers the customer free vacuum bags, along with the one that comes with the vacuum, which should last a lifetime. The customer pays only shipping and processing. Unlike other manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, Garry has a “no questions asked warranty.” Should the customer find something wrong with the Garry Vac, they’re free to send it back, and the company will replace it without a murmur. They won’t even ask if it's the customer's fault.

Besides being enough for a lifetime, the vacuum bags are hypo-allergenic. The bags have an outer bag with five layers and an inner bag with three layers, and they not only trap the dirt the vacuum cleaner picks up, but also much of the pollutants in the air. The bags can trap particles that are .3 microns in size. This is much less than the diameter of a human hair, or an animal hair. It’s entirely possible that, after the application of the Garry Vac, a person who’s allergic to cats and dogs can live comfortably with them for the first time in years!

General Specifications
The Garry vacuum is much lighter than other vacuum cleaners, as it weighs less than nine pounds. The customer won’t have to lug it around like a recalcitrant calf all over their house. The vacuum's suction power is an impressive 58 air watts, considerably more than some other vacuum cleaners. The motor runs at 440 watts, the cord is 30 feet long, and the hose stretches from two feet ten inches to ten feet. The vacuum is ready to work when it’s delivered, and all that has to be attached is the handle. Garry Vac is from Garry Vacuum LLC, which is part of the Envion Company, which specializes in greener house cleaning products. The vacuum itself is the envy of other vacuum cleaners, as it's been given the Carpet and Rug Institute’s seal of approval. This is an association that represents over 95 percent of U.S. carpet manufacturers.

Special Pricing
The Garry vac is not yet in retail stores, and can only be bought on-line. It sells for an incredible $199.00, and can be bought with major credit cards.

For more information regarding the Gary Vac and vacuum cleaners, please visit Shop At Home.

Chickie Maxwell