ITP VoIP Presents Softphone Internet Phone Service for Home, Business and College Students

ITP VoIP is promoting its softphone digital phone add-on for current and prospective hosted PBX customers, particularly college students. Softphone service allows VoIP callers to communicate using their computers without the need for external hardware.

Brooklyn, NY, July 01, 2011 --( Withthe back-to-school shopping season rapidly approaching, hosted PBX provider ITP VoIP is reaching out to college students and their parents to inform them of the company's softphone service, which makes it possible to place and receive digital phone calls using just a computer. Using softphone service from ITP, students need only a laptop and high-speed internet connection to start placing and receiving calls, a great way to stay in touch with family and friends at home.

In addition to college students, softphone service is also a popular solution for businesses looking to save money on hardware or cater to employees on the go. The feature is available as an affordable add-on to any of ITP VoIP's monthly plans.

Operating much the same as a "hard" telephone, a VoIP-enabled softphone can perform all the features standard to ITP VoIP's digital phone service, allowing users to hold and transfer calls and set up conferences, among other functions. Softphone service facilitates communication from PC to PC or PC to phone, and the virtual software makes it easy for users to manage their contacts.

ITP takes the traditional benefits of softphone hosted PBX service a step further, offering 250 free minutes per month to softphone customers, in addition to a free extra phone number dedicated to softphone service. Each ITP client can select the area code of his or her choice for the bonus softphone number, ideal for travelers and businesspeople looking to stay accessible to a designated region of callers.

Of course, ssoftphone service is only one of the premium features available with ITP VoIP digital phone service. Clients can also add regular or online faxing to any plan to enhance their telecommunication abilities, or invest in ITP's global cell feature to place international phone calls without paying for an international cell phone plan. The digital phone provider also features both domestic and international virtual numbers, so clients can adopt phone numbers with any area code to foster targeted accessibility.

ITP VoIP keeps its digital phone service flexible by offering all of its premium features a la carte, enabling clients to add and remove features on a monthly basis. The hosted PBX service can be updated online, so users can adjust their monthly plans with the click of a mouse.

On top of these premium features, ITP VoIP also provides a slew of included services to every digital phone client. Popular features include 3-Way Calling, 411 Directory Assistance, and free In-Network Calling. For businesses, ITP's Music on Hold and Call Forwarding services craft an image of instant credibility, even for home offices.

To learn more about ITP VoIP and see how the digital phone service is different than Vonage, Viatalk, and other competitors, visit or call 1-888-ITP-1110. ITP VoIP can also be found on Twitter and Facebook at and

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