ITP VoIP Helps Clients Stay Connected with Inexpensive International VoIP Phone Service

ITP VoIP, a business and residential phone service provider, is now offering low-cost international rates for travelers. Customers can save on calls around the globe with ITP VoIP’s phone service. - May 11, 2012

New Business Plan Promotions and Best Practice Tips Now Available Through Internet Phone Service

ITP VoIP, a residential phone service provider, is currently spotlighting its economical internet phone plans while concurrently promoting good business etiquette. - May 10, 2012

ITP VoIP Helps Customers Decide on VoIP Phone Service with New Checklist

ITP VoIP, a VoIP phone service provider, has issued a checklist for potential customers who need help deciding if they are prepared to switch from landline to internet telephony service. - May 03, 2012

Residential Phone Service Provider ITP VoIP Debuts Two Enhanced Features for New and Existing Subscribers

VoIP phone service company ITP VoIP recently announced two new complimentary customer service policies that will be added to its existing plans. - March 22, 2012

VoIP Phone Service Provider Helps Home Offices Handle Calls with Its Auto-Attendant Feature

Internet phone service provider ITP VoIP is showcasing its new auto-attendant feature, a part of its home office premium plan, for home-based businesses. - March 14, 2012

VoIP Phone Provider ITP VoIP Currently Promoting Its Enhanced Glossary for Customers New to Internet Phone Service

VoIP service provider ITP VoIP recently debuted its enhanced glossary covering aspects of digital phone service. - February 29, 2012

Voice Over IP Provider ITP VoIP Promotes Its Special Services for Startup Companies

Brooklyn-based VoIP call provider ITP VoIP is promoting a suite of special services crafted especially with new startup companies in mind. - February 22, 2012

Broadband Phone Company ITP VoIP Encourages Senior Citizens to Explore the Benefits of VoIP Call Service

ITP VoIP is showcasing its easy-to-use and inexpensive internet phone calls and add-on services as ideal for senior citizens. - February 11, 2012

ITP VoIP Reaches Out to Travelers Looking to Make Internet Phone Calls

ITP VoIP, an IP telephony service, is promoting its Global Cell, Softphone, and Calling Code Voice over IP add-ons for international callers. - February 05, 2012

Voice Over IP Provider ITP VoIP Promotes Its International Calling Savings to Parents of Students Studying Abroad

Internet phone calls provider ITP VoIP, a broadband phone service available online at, is promoting its international calling services for families who have children studying abroad. Traditionally less expensive and more flexible than cellular phone or landline service, IP... - January 29, 2012

ITP VoIP’s Voice Over IP Services Available at Now Come with Free Router

IP telephony leader ITP VoIP is encouraging consumers to take advantage of its offer of a free router and adapter with every VoIP call plan. - January 20, 2012

Enhanced Range of VoIP Call Custom Features Available to Customers at in 2012

Internet phone calls service ITP VoIP is offering customers a newly enhanced range of custom features that are business-friendly and designed to support personal plan customization. - January 11, 2012

Voice Over IP Telephony Plans Now Available with Perks for Realtors at

Voice Over IP provider ITP VoIP provides numerous plans and services ideal for real estate agents who spend most of their time away from the office. - January 06, 2012

New Mobile VoIP App Available at for Internet Phone Users

Internet phone service provider ITP VoIP has developed a new mobile VoIP app for Android and Apple phones. - December 24, 2011

New Mobile VoIP Phone Calling Plan for Apple and Android Devices Available at

VoIP provider ITP VoIP has created a new Mobile VoIP app for Apple and Android phones for existing customers. - December 22, 2011

VoIP Provider ITP Introduces Business Class Internet Phone Service for Real Estate Professionals

Leading internet phone service provider ITP VoIP is promoting its business class hosted PBX VoIP service for real estate professionals. - December 17, 2011 Offers Companies Cost Effective Internet Phone Plans for Telecommuting Employees

Business owners who are trying to save money during the slow economy can cut costs with one of ITP VoIP's internet phone plans designed to support telecommuting employees. - December 01, 2011

ITP VoIP Eases College Transition with Affordable Internet Phone Service for Students

ITP VoIP, a VoIP provider offering a number of different internet phone service packages, is reaching out to students to educate them about the benefits of VoIP. - November 24, 2011

Calling with Internet Telephone Service Increases Productivity in Medical Offices

ITP, an award winning VoIP phone service provider, is highlighting its specialized business phone system for medical professionals looking to cut costs and increase productivity. - November 19, 2011 Helps Customers Resolve Issues with Improved, U.S. Based VoIP Service Representatives

ITP VoIP is showcasing its dedicated VoIP service support staff, which is located entirely in the U.S. The internet phone company is committed to providing superior customer service as well as supporting America’s economy. - November 16, 2011

Internet Phone Service Provider ITP VoIP Reduces Costs for the Food Service Industry

ITP VoIP is reaching out to business owners in the restaurant industry, many of whom can increase efficiency and lower costs by switching to VoIP service. - November 13, 2011

Internet Phone Company ITP VoIP Offers Customers Convenience with Enhanced Global Cell Service

ITP VoIP, a VoIP phone service provider, is now making it easier for customers to make international calls with the company's enhanced global cell phone service. - November 10, 2011

National and Local Phone Service Provider ITP VoIP’s Affiliate Program Gives Website Owners Chance to Raise Their Profits

ITP VoIP, one of the market’s top VoIP service providers, is debuting its new Affiliate Program, which gives website owners a chance to increase profit with banner ads and affiliate links. - October 20, 2011

VoIP Phone Provider ITP VoIP Introduces Paperless Billing and e-Fax Services

Internet telephone provider ITP VoIP has gone green with the addition of paperless billing and internet faxing services. - October 11, 2011 Offers Benefits with Residential Basic Pack for Internet Phone Service

ITP VoIP is promoting the company's affordable Residential Basic Pack for VoIP service in the home, which comes with wide array of complimentary VoIP features. - September 22, 2011

ITP VoIP Promotes VoIP Phone Savings Over "Triple Play" Competitors

ITP VoIP’s new "Compare" button provides shoppers with an easy and convenient way to see the savings of ITP VoIP service over other phone providers for both home and business service. - September 20, 2011

ITP VoIP Showcases Multiple Phone Support for Hosted PBX Home Phone Service

Local phone service provider ITP VoIP is making it easy for digital phone callers to use their VoIP service with multiple lines. The home phone service provider offers three different ways for customers to connect their ITP VoIP lines with multiple phones. - September 10, 2011

ITP VoIP Helps Improve Customer Service Call Centers with New Digital Phone Call Recording

ITP VoIP, a phone service provider, is giving call center managers the ability to improve productivity and performance with its new internet phone call recording feature. The free feature is included with every plan and is especially well suited to help call center agents to be more effective. - September 03, 2011

VoIP Plans from Phone Provider Prove Ideal for Small Businesses

ITP VoIP is promoting its selection of internet phone plans designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses. - August 31, 2011

Softphone IP Telephony, Now Offered by ITP VoIP Internet Phone Service, is Convenient and Cost Effective

Phone service provider ITP VoIP is now offering softphone service as an optional add-on for all of its IP telephony plans. With softphone service, users can enjoy the benefits of a VoIP hosted PBX network without the expense of traditional hardware. - August 17, 2011

Internet Phone Provider ITP VoIP Promotes Affordable Fax Extensions for IP Telephony

ITP VoIP is encouraging current and potential digital phone clients to explore the phone service provider's affordable traditional and virtual faxing packages. - August 06, 2011

Refer-a-Friend Program from Internet Phone Service ITP VoIP Gives Clients Chance to Earn Credit Toward Their Accounts

ITP VoIP’s Refer-a-Friend program gives clients the chance to earn account credits by referring the VoIP Provider to friends and family. - August 04, 2011

ITP VoIP Digital Phone Service Goes Green with New Paperless Billing and Virtual Fax Extension

Digital phone service ITP VoIP is promoting two of its new eco-friendly measures: paperless billing and affordable online faxing. - July 22, 2011

ITP VoIP Hosted PBX Takes the Cards Out of Calling Cards with PIN-less Virtual Calling Just in Time for Summer is reaching out to summer travelers interested in keeping in touch with friends and family in the US with the digital phone provider's Virtual Calling Card service, powered by VoIP. - July 13, 2011

ITP VoIP Promotes Internet Phone Service for Telecommuting "Green Commute Challenge" Participants

ITP VoIP, a digital phone service provider, is encouraging "Green Commute Challenge" employers to use VoIP to help their employees telecommute from home. - July 06, 2011

ITP VoIP Presents Softphone Internet Phone Service for Home, Business and College Students

ITP VoIP is promoting its softphone digital phone add-on for current and prospective hosted PBX customers, particularly college students. Softphone service allows VoIP callers to communicate using their computers without the need for external hardware. - July 01, 2011

ITP VoIP Provides Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking Business Plans

VoIP telephone provider ITP VoIP has created a set of hosted PBX and SIP trunking plans for their business customers. - May 04, 2011 Business VoIP Service Keeps Customers Informed with Professional Facebook and Twitter Profiles is optimizing its online presence with newly designed profiles on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word about the benefits of VoIP hosted PBX service for home and business. - April 23, 2011

Internet Telephone Provider ITP VoIP Offers a Vast Range of Convenient Features on

ITP VoIP, an Internet Telephone Provider, now includes Advanced Call Forwarding and Voicemail to E-mail, as well as many other new, convenient features. - April 10, 2011

ITP VoIP, a Digital Phone Company, Thrives in Rapidly Growing Internet Phone Industry, Ranked "Industry of the Decade" by IBISWorld

ITP VoIP, a top rated internet telephone company, offers clients all the benefits of VoIP - an ever-expanded market that was recently ranked "Industry of the Decade." - March 18, 2011

ITP VoIP Earns Its Top Ranking with Free VoIP Broadband Phone Features is bucking the industry trend by offering 26 free features with every home and business VoIP service plan. The VoIP broadband phone company has earned top rankings online for its service and value. - December 23, 2010

ITP VoIP Changes the Game with Contract Free Home and Business VoIP Service

ITP VoIP, a VoIP broadband phone company available at, offers unique, contract-free plans for home and business. - December 18, 2010

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