FlexiDry Floor Screeds Go by Their Word of Quick Drying Time and Quality- Reveals Customer Survey Report

A recent customer service survey reports a very positive set of scores for the drying time and quality FlexiDry offers to floor screeding projects. Drying time and quality being two of the vital aspects that customers look for in a fast drying screed, FlexiDry is happy to have delivered on their word of quick drying time and supreme quality.

High Wycombe, United Kingdom, July 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Happy customers award FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds high scores for delivering on two of the most important aspects a customer looks for in a fast drying floor screed- quick drying time and premium quality.

A recent Customer Satisfaction Survey carried out by Trust in UK revealed a very positive set of scores for FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds. Drying time and quality being two aspects that customers attach the most importance to when going for a fast drying floor screed, FlexiDry Global is proud to have met clients’ expectation by delivering on their promise of quick drying time and supreme quality. A bright point about FlexiDry is- says FlexiDry client Mike Upton- "FlexiDry does what it says it does."

FlexiDry fast drying floor screeds come in a range of drying time from 3 days to 21 days, allowing construction projects to resume without the long delays that normal anhydrite screeds pose. When traditional screeds take up to four months to be dry enough for laying on the final floor finish, FlexiDry facilitates easy completion of projects with a minimum screed drying time of just 3 days with the F0 formulation of FlexiDry and goes up to a maximum of 21 days for FlexiDry F3.

Chris Smith, MD, Mixamate Screeding says, “Since discovering FlexiDry a year ago it has become an important part of our business. So many construction jobs run out of time at the end of the project. But using FlexiDry saves thousands in penalty payments and allows the contractor to hand over the site on time ready for the flooring contractor.”

Unlike most screed additives, FlexiDry is specially formulated as an easy to use liquid which can be added to the screed mixture during the time of mixing, giving the screeder the flexibility to choose the drying time by just altering the amount of FlexiDry that is added to the screed mixture. Customers were especially impressed with the fact as to how little of the product was required, considering the quality it yielded.

Apart from offering a quick drying floor screeding system that is durable, strong and of premium quality, FlexiDry Global makes it a point to ensure superior customer service through good communication, after sales service and a resourceful website. Robert Birch, Director, CCS Drywall Ltd, who participated in the survey comments, "The assistance FlexiDry provided during projects has been very helpful and the after sales service is very refreshing compared to other similar products on the market."

The feedback from the survey has been as a valuable impetus to help power the constant efforts for improvement by the FlexiDry management. "When the positive feedback has been highly motivating, we realize there are aspects that can be further improved for a better customer experience. Many valuable and constructive suggestions have been made, which will be promptly included and all efforts will be made to better our service in every area," says the management who are all too happy that their efforts have paid off.

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