GRAPA Introduces New YouTube Video Series

Beginners Guide Clarifies the Fundamental Questions of the Revenue Assurance Role

Chicago, IL, July 16, 2011 --( GRAPA, the leading standard setting, certifying and professionalizing body in telecoms revenue assurance, announces the release of a new, ongoing series of informative videos explaining the basics of revenue assurance. Current video topics include: The Definition of Revenue Assurance; Why Revenue Assurance is Needed; and How CEOs Can Use Revenue Assurance Effectively.

Presented by GRAPA president Rob Mattison, the video series tackles fundamental questions about revenue assurance. Rob explains the basics of revenue assurance: who is responsible for it, who benefits from it, and how it is carried out. Viewers will learn how the definition of revenue assurance has evolved in the fast paced and ever changing telecom industry. They will understand the necessary function of revenue assurance in such an unstable environment. Specifically, the video series will demonstrate how C level managers can leverage revenue assurance with specific levels of coverage.

This newly created video series The Beginner's Guide to Revenue Assurance will continue to expand as new topics are covered.

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