Improve Your PC Speed: Chicago Computer Club Shows You How

Before finding yourself faced with expensive computer repair bills, why not take these simple steps to get your PC computer back up and running like it used to. While a computer fix might be necessary for some computer problems, taking a few simple proactive measures can help speed up your computer, as well as make your computer more secure.

Improve Your PC Speed: Chicago Computer Club Shows You How
Chicago, IL, July 16, 2011 --( Remember when you first got your PC and it ran just as fast as the ad said it would? Then you began using your computer, adding programs, creating files, making funny movies of your 15 cats, and things began to get slow. Which you ignored of course. Until things became very slow, which left you wondering, what the heck happened?

Fear not PC user, Chicago Computer Club, which provides expert computer repair, virus removal, and anti virus protection, is here to help. Here are some of the most common issues that affect PC speed and performance, and how to fix them yourself.

1) Scan and clean your computer registry: Your computer registry is a big database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems. As you might expect this database can get big and unwieldy over time. Cleaning this registry can have significant impact on PC speed. Additionally there are many free registry cleaners out that can be downloaded from reputable sites. Try searching at for "registry cleaner" to view well reviewed products.

2) Defragment your hard drive: As you use your computer - install, uninstall, add and delete - the hard drive can get the digital equivalent of a messy garage. Cleaning up your hard drive is easy to do and there are many tutorials out there, search "defragment hard drive" on Google to find how to defragment your computer.

3) Make sure your computer is spyware and virus free: If your computer suddenly slows down rather than gradually over time, you may be infected with a virus. Make sure your anti virus protection is both up to date and working properly on your computer.

4) Clean up your programs: All the programs you installed can cause your computer to slow down. It’s easy on your PC to view and remove unwanted programs. Microsoft offers a simple how to here:

5) If Your hardware add-ons are running slow, update the drivers: Driver software communicates with your computer and your printer, camera, web cam, etc. Almost all hardware companies provide updates on their websites and downloading new drivers is easy and fast. Just remember to only download drivers from the hardware company’s website to make sure you are not inadvertently downloading malicious software.

Over time and regular use, a computer’s performance will likely suffer. Regular cleaning using the above tips will almost always help speed up your PC. However if your computer suddenly becomes slow or strange things begin happening (like your internet home page suddenly changes, or pop ups from software you are unfamiliar with appear on your computer) you very likely have a virus and should scan your computer immediately with up to date anti-virus software, or take it in to a computer repair store to have it examined.

Stay fast Chicago computer users. If you are looking for expert computer repair, affordable virus removal, guaranteed anti virus protection, or faster PC speed, why not visit one of our 8 Chicago Computer Club locations. Learn more at

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