Merlin in My Pocket "Discovers the Magic" of Winning an International Book Award

With the help and creative direction of the incredible team at Creative Bube Tube, President and Founder of Merlin in My Pocket, Deborah Johnson, released her first award winning book; "Discover the Magic: A Guide to Understanding Others and YOU."

Milton, Canada, July 01, 2011 --( 'Discover the Magic' is designed to raise awareness, to create understanding, appreciation, tolerance and an ability to 'see' the individuality and magic in everyone. The concepts enable each person to embrace their own and others’ unique traits rather than fear or shun them and to actually seek and enjoy them enthusiastically as newfound experiences. ‘Discover the Magic’ is about the core of esteem and empowerment; to walk your own path boldly, confidently, and contentedly and help those around you do the same. “I finished reading your book last night, started applying some of the techniques today and have already noticed a difference in my perception and how others are responding because of it! Thank you!” said President and Executive Producer at Creative Bube Tube, Jenny Munford. The book incorporates perspectives from adults, youth, and through corporate and intuitive eyes alike. Each different section of the book provides insight from every stage of life, to allow for a better understanding of others and common problems we as a society face. “I really loved the book and I 100% agree with the concepts! I have a very easy going English teacher, and we were actually having a class debate about a lot of topics along the same lines, I wish I had read the book earlier so I could have given proper insight. I really think this would be immensely beneficial to all teenagers if we could somehow get it into the school system,” said High school student, Amanda Jacques.

Deborah Johnson’s ‘Discover the Magic’ was recently named as the Winner in the New Age: Non-Fiction category and was a finalist in the Social Change category in the 2011 International Book Awards sponsored by JPX Media Group of Los Angeles, California. Merlin in My Pocket worked very closely with the team at Creative Bube Tube in order to market the book and paired seminar services correctly. Once the book had been released an e-mail blast was assembled to notify all existing and potential clients about the new release and the services now being offered by Merlin in My Pocket.

The publicity generated from the email blast and other marketing techniques applied by Creative Bube Tube has brought Merlin in My Pocket an unbelievable response regarding both the book and seminars. Deborah has also been asked to appear on numerous television shows to promote the launch of her new book.

About Merlin in My Pocket:
Deborah Johnson’s experience comes from intrinsic intuitive abilities to ‘read’ people, situations and issues combined with a multi-faced corporate background. Internationally known, Deborah has spent the last 15 years providing insight, coaching, guidance and direction to thousands of clients from all walks of life through her private consulting, group interactions, and keynote speaking. It is the culmination of these skills she has capsulated into crisp, concise, easy to acquire techniques, which she is offering through her Merlin in My Pocket book and programs. To find out more about ‘Discover the Magic: A Guide to Understanding Others and YOU” or the seminars Deborah offers visit or call 1-705-725-1090.

About Creative Bube Tube:
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