NFL Lockout Over; Has Early Bird Football Handicapping Special anchor handicapper and sports service GodsTips has an Early Bird special. Duffy explains why the lockout will give pro bettors an opportunity unlike any that has come before.

Alpharetta, GA, July 27, 2011 --( The NFL lockout has finally ended. To celebrate, has released an Early Bird special by their anchor sports service, Joe Duffy’s GodsTips.

Duffy believes the NFL lockout provides a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for bettors, “One of our Golden Rules of handicapping is that the oddsmakers despise uncertainty.”

He continues, “Whatever is bad for the oddsmaker is great for the sharp player.” He and all the sports services will be scouring the online newspapers and respected websites for player rotations, motivational factors, and more.

Duffy says the more established teams such as the New England Patriots will likely not be able to match the sense of urgency as teams rebuilding such as the Seattle Seahawks. Regardless, “The key metrics will be very fluid on a game-by-game basis making the 2011 NFL preseason the biggest gap in history between the sharp and square player.”

The prosperity will continue into the regular season because, according to Duffy, “The public will overreact to early season anomalies more than ever,” forcing the sportsbooks to inflate NFL betting lines.

Sports bettors get every GodsTips football pick in the Early Bird Special: NFL and NCAA football, preseason, regular, and postseason through BCS Championship and Super Bowl. This is an Early Bird price limited time offer for just $1,499 covering the full season.

The package includes all football picks. An “all sports” package will be available at the beginning of NFLX.

Duffy is a long-time veteran in sports betting picks. Duffy got his start in the industry as a scorephone announcer for Dial Sports, where he learned the industry under Mickey Charles, a pioneer handicapping writer and broadcaster.

He then moved to the free scorephones, then known as Sportsline, where he studied under NFL legends turned handicappers Hank Stram and Roy Scott. Stram is an NFL Hall-of-Fame coach and Scott was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall-of-Fame.

Duffy established himself has a scorephone handicapping legend on the Cadillac Club 900-number back in the late 1980s.

His picks are now available exclusively at, where he is known as the “NFL Specialist.”

The package is up right now available for purchase at

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