New Google Maps for Smart Route Planner

Online commercial vehicle “route optimiser” now includes mapping visualisations and faster address entry.

Worcester, United Kingdom, July 29, 2011 --( From this week, browser-based route planning software Route Optimiser will feature an enhanced user interface, now including Google maps and rapid route entry.

The new features, previously only available as part of a beta trial, bring mapping functionality to Route Optimiser for the first time. Users can also copy and paste schedules directly into Route Optimiser from Excel.

The service automatically checks that any postcode areas entered are valid. If no postcode or address data is available, the new maps allow users to simply click on points of the map to add destinations to their route. In conjunction with the service’s recently-updated algorithm, the process of scheduling visits, deliveries and collections and uploading them to a TomTom satnav can be completed in minutes.

Sales and marketing director Phil Rothwell said: “Route planning for sales staff, service engineers and delivery vehicles is exceptionally difficult to perform manually. The end result is a lot of wasted time, and perhaps more importantly, fuel.

“After an exclusive beta trial we can now offer this advanced functionality to everyone. With these new features, not only is the service easier and faster, but it’s now possible for anyone with modest computer skills to harness the power of advanced route optimisation.

“Route Optimiser is unlike anything else currently on the market. Because it’s browser-based, the cost of applying updates to the service and underlying data is minimal for the end-user. Moreover, the pay-as-you-go pricing puts increasingly sophisticated route planning into the hands of any kind of commercial user.

“Getting deliveries or site visits right is a vital part of any supply chain process. The improvements to Route Optimiser make it easier to use the service and make the most of all the associated benefits: delivering exceptional customer service by offering expected time of arrival timeslots; saving on fuel costs and vehicle wear-and-tear; or simply finding yourself with more hours in the day.”

New features include:

• Google maps
• Improved visualisation for multiple vehicles
• Smart waypoint markers for clustered destinations
• Point-and-click waypoint addition
• Copy-and-paste capability from Excel

Pricing for Route Optimiser starts at £15 for a 100-waypoint job. To find out more about Route Optimiser, or to join the beta trial of the new interface, visit the website at



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Notes to Editors:

About Route Optimiser

Route Optimiser makes vehicles and fleets more efficient. Suitable for commercial vehicles visiting multiple destinations, Route Optimiser plans complex routes in minutes. These optimal itineraries are typically 20-40% shorter or faster than the average route plotted by hand. Suitable for field sales engineers, single delivery vans or large fleets, the service reduces vehicle wear-and-tear, lowers fuel costs and allows drivers to give appointment or delivery slots. The software is web-based and accessible through your internet browser, greatly reducing the cost of service delivery and making complex route optimisation technology available on a pay-as-you-go system. Route Optimiser is a service from Worcester-based business efficiency software company Postcode Anywhere.

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