Media Crowd Inc Announces New Home, Expansion, and Website

San Diego, CA, July 28, 2011 --( Media Crowd Inc. has announced its new home in San Diego, California, the expansion of it’s in-house affiliate network DeluxeAds, and its new optimized website.

Now headquartered in San Diego, California, Media Crowd’s clientele spans across the globe. Corporations such as Direct TV, Groupon, Dish Network, and have used Media Crowd’s unique advertising network to improve their companies.

Meanwhile, Media Crowd’s in house affiliate network, DeluxeAds, has expanded with a new series of high-converting affiliate marketing campaigns.

For years Media Crowd’s Affiliate Network’s website has served as the home for most of Media Crowd’s business, but the expansion of the network has forced Media Crowd to start its new site so information can be given about all of the company’s extended services.

Founded in early 2010 by a group of experienced Internet marketing professionals, Media Crowd is an online performance marketing agency which specializes in customer acquisition. Media Crowd employs expertise across all forms of online marketing including search engines, social media networks, email, mobile and organic websites. Media Crowd has worked with businesses to help maximize their Internet presence while maintaining a high return on investment.

DeluxeAds can provide a well balanced media buying strategy to drive quality traffic to your website-be it through email, display, search, social or other forms of desired media. The Affiliate Network helps generate targeted, high-quality leads for your site with a difference-you only pay on a performance-based basis, thus maximizing your ROI. The DeluxeAds Affiliate Network can also create a customized affiliate marketing campaign for your business’s products. Then, the network’s team of experienced publishers will go to work spreading the campaigns virally around the World Wide Web.

Be sure to check out Media Crowd’s website for more information.

Media Crowd Inc
Jonathon Cole