Refer-a-Friend Program from Internet Phone Service ITP VoIP Gives Clients Chance to Earn Credit Toward Their Accounts

ITP VoIP’s Refer-a-Friend program gives clients the chance to earn account credits by referring the VoIP Provider to friends and family.

New York, NY, August 04, 2011 --( ITP VoIP is encouraging current hosted PBX customers to benefit from the company’s numerous incentive programs designed to boost the ITP client base while rewarding existing customers. The VoIP provider’s Refer-a-Friend program, which allows clients to refer ITP VoIP digital phone plans to their friends and family in exchange for credit, is among the most popular.

When a current client refers a friend (by submitting a friend’s email address) through the program, ITP VoIP delivers an e-coupon link to the specified email. The Refer-a-Friend offer will go into effect once the friend uses the e-coupon to sign up as a new customer at

As a reward for signing up, the referral will receive his or her first month of digital phone service for free, and the referring client will be credited two free months (up to $50), based on the internet phone plan selected by the referral.

Digital phone clients can keep track of their referrals online at the “Manage Your Referrals” section of the ITP VoIP website. All the information needed -- which emails have already been submitted and how much money has already been credited to the account -- is easily accessible and viewable.

ITP VoIP offers a Credit Chart for the program, to let hosted PBX clients know exactly what they stand to gain by participating. Depending on which plan a referral signs up for, he or she can gain credit ranging from $9.99 to $49.99, while the referring party can earn between $19.98 and $50. If a referral signs up for a Residential Global plan, for example, he or she will be credited $24.99, while the referrer will be credited $48.98.

The ITP VoIP Refer-a-Friend program, though primarily intended for family and friends of current clients, can be a useful business tool, especially for small business networks. It’s more equally mutually beneficial for both referrer and referee when the referee signs up for a Home Office digital phone plan, as each party gets a credit of approximately $50.

ITP VoIP has put into place certain restrictions and guidelines on the Refer-a-Friend internet phone program. Activation and equipment purchase must be carried out at, for instance. The offer also can’t be combined with any other promotions.

Any spamming ITP VoIP becomes aware of can result in loss of any credits earned by either party involved, or dissolution of all accounts. Both parties must also be “customers in good standing,” a status determined by the ITP VoIP Terms of Service, for no less than 90 days, or credits can be revoked.

For more information on ITP VoIP, visit Details about the Refer-a-Friend digital phone program are available at ITP VoIP also has a Facebook page at and a Twitter at

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