Online Auto Insurance: NICB Report Underscores Value of Anti-Theft Protections

Certain anti-theft devices not only will deter thieves but also can result in a price-break on premiums.

Pawtucket, RI, August 04, 2011 --( A new report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) identifies the top 10 vehicles targeted by thieves in 2010, with the 1994 Honda Accord once again taking the top spot.

The annual Hot Wheels list provides information that could prove useful for consumers who are shopping for a vehicle or looking for affordable car insurance with comprehensive coverage that could reimburse them if their vehicle is stolen.

But perhaps more importantly, NICB highlights how technology is helping to cut down on auto thefts and points out simple steps that motorists can take to avoid being victimized.

“Newer vehicles are coming from the factory with more protection, and technology is making that possible,” NICB spokesman Frank Scafidi said in a phone interview.

Vehicle thefts fell by more than 7 percent nationwide last year and more than 17 percent in 2009, according to FBI statistics. The number of vehicles stolen dropped by 31.5 percent from 2000 to 2010, the agency reported.

NICB officials attribute much of that decline to high-tech features that have become common in recent years, including “kill switches,” fuel cutoffs and smart keys.

About 85 percent of the more than 50,00 Honda Accords stolen last year were made in the 1990s, before many of today’s anti-theft devices became commonplace, according to NICB. That’s compared to just 10 percent that were built since 2000.

Motorists sometimes choose not to pay for comprehensive insurance coverage to protect their older cars against theft, weather damage and vandalism. But consumer advocates say owners of vehicles with high theft rates should definitely consider it.

Many insurers offer discounts to motorists who have anti-theft devices on their vehicles, and some states even have laws mandating discounts for such protection.

Rhode Island, for example, requires that insurers give drivers breaks on comprehensive premiums if the car is equipped with certain anti-theft protections, including 5 percent for having an alarm and 25 percent for a vehicle recovery system service, an electronic unit that can locate a stolen vehicle. Discounts get as high as 35 percent for combinations of the devices.


NICB points out some common sense and high-tech ways to protect your ride:

--Lock the vehicle and take the keys
--Install and use a visible or audible warning device
--Invest in a tracking device to help authorities recover your vehicle if it’s stolen

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