The Tourist Service Provider Accesscrimea Now is Now Offering Amazing Value Real Estate in the Beautiful Crimea, Southern Ukraine

The price of real estate in the Ukraine has gone up by an average of 54% in the last 2 years. Crimea is a peninsula in the south of Ukraine, and is the number one tourist destination in Ukraine and Russia. The price of most of the real estate in Crimea is still very low, and foreigners are only just starting to take advantages of the fantastic investment opportunities that Crimea offers.

Simferopol, Ukraine, March 30, 2007 --( The tourist service provider AccessCrimea is now extending its services to offer real estate in the beautiful Crimea; the number one tourist destination in Ukraine and Russia.

There has been a tremendous increase in the value of real estate in the capital of Ukraine; Kiev in the last 5 years. Whilst many believe that the market in Kiev is in danger of overheating, in many other areas in Ukraine prices are still very low and growth very high. Ukraine is a large country which borders the European Union. It has massive resources and a well-educated populace. This is a country with massive potential that is only just being realised.

The value of real estate in Ukraine is rising fast, and is set to continue rising as a result of the following factors:

1) Mortgages are becoming increasingly accessible, which is making the possibility of buying a property more of a reality for Ukrainians. This boom has occurred in spite of very high interest rates. Mortgage rates are still high but falling every year. As ever more people buy with mortgages the demand will continue to increase.

2) Many new businesses are being set up in Ukraine, and the buying power of Ukrainians is increasing rapidly.

3) There are few new developments in most Ukrainian towns, and those that are tend to be exclusively in the upper price bracket.

4) Many of the flats in Ukraine are too small for the needs of modern day families, and they are upgrading to larger flats.

5) Many Ukrainians do not trust banks and prefer to invest their money in real estate.

Crimea is a peninsula located in the south of Ukraine. Is a land of of blue seas and towering peaks, palaces, forests, and ancient towns of significant historical value. Crimea is developing fast, and its real estate market is beginning to reflect that. In the capital of Crimea; Simferopol, prices have doubled in the last 3 years, and this increase shows no sign of abating soon.

The founder of AccessCrimea is from Britain but has resided in Crimea for 5 years. He stated that; "Crimea differs from the rest of Ukraine. It is an autonomous republic that attracts more tourists than anywhere else in Ukraine or Russia.” He went on to note; "Property prices have soured in recent years, but real estate is still very cheap in Crimea and prices can only keep going up."

AccessCrimea is not a real estate agency, but they work with the most reputable agency in Simferopol which is the capital of Crimea. Their job is to find you the property that best fits your needs and budget, and render you the help and assistance that you need throughout the entirety of the buying process.

AccessCrimea provides a wide range of services for foreigners who travel to Crimea. They book accommodation, supply translators, arrange tours. Being a small company, AccessCrimea offers its service on a very personal level. With their new service of real estate, they hope to attract more westerners to this as yet relatively undiscovered, but magnificent part of the world.

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Jonathan Stromberg