Global Digital Forensics Offers Proactive Solutions to Secure US Cyber Assets

US cyber assets are at risk and under assault from all directions. Foreign nations, organized hacker groups and rogue hackers alike, are all targeting our most sensitive digital information. Waiting to become a victim is not only foolhardy, but completely unnecessary, because Global Digital Forensics offers proactive solutions to help you significantly improve the security of cyber assets - before the possibility of an intrusion becomes an eventual reality.

Global Digital Forensics Offers Proactive Solutions to Secure US Cyber Assets
New York, NY, August 10, 2011 --( High profile cyber intrusions have been making headlines at a record pace. From industry powerhouses to critical government agencies, the victim list continues growing and monetary losses are reaching unprecedented heights. Global Digital Forensics has been at the forefront of this ongoing battle and knows what it takes when it comes to securing the lifeblood of most any company or organization today, its digital information.

Cyber intrusions are often kept from prying eyes because of confidentiality issues, but the increasingly far-reaching aftermath of these intrusions is making it difficult to keep the lid on.

Just last week, quite a media stir was caused by the released results of Operation Shady RAT, which was “an investigation of targeted intrusions into 70+ global companies, governments and non-profit organizations during the last 5 years,” conducted by McAfee.

Specific victims weren’t named, but the generalized results should be eye opening enough. Federal agencies, defense contractors, heavy industry, national infrastructure and satellite communications companies were just some of the victims listed, and not only were they all victimized by intrusions, but each also experienced prolonged periods of surveillance and compromise while totally unaware any intrusion had even taken place, ranging in duration from one month, to almost two and a half years. Don’t be the next statistic. Global Digital Forensics can test your cyber security posture and offer detailed remediation solutions.

Joseph Caruso, CEO/CTO of Global Digital Forensics, weighed in on the subject, “We’ve been called in as emergency responders to digital intrusions for some of the most prominent organizations and companies in the world, and we’ve known for years the economic posture of the US is in jeopardy because of the severe lack of protection of our cyber assets. Up until now, the unfortunate reality has been a flawed ideology that considers taking meaningful steps to enhance one’s cyber security posture as an expense, when the harsh realities of the digital world dictate it should be considered a paramount necessity.”

But that flawed ideology may be getting a make-over soon, finding its catalyst in the root of the almighty dollar. As explained by Caruso, “When the billion dollar law suits like the one recently filed against Sony start rolling in, and the other staggering monetary losses from lost client trust start piling up and getting tallied, the thinking will have to change. It’s just a fact of doing business today in the digital realm that any bean-counter simply can’t ignore any longer if they want to stay viable.”

While the chatter over the results of Operation Shady RAT may have focused some much needed attention to the potential dangers of coordinated long term cyber attacks, it should come with a caveat – most cyber attacks focus on targets of opportunity, and their impact can be just as severe.

According to Caruso, “Most compromises occur because people that work for the organization were individually targeted, but not necessarily as part of a grand plan, more often it stems from a successful phishing expedition where a target of opportunity is then optimized.”

“The big shift in our cyber-lifestyles is also simplifying things for black hat hackers. With all the personal information many tend to share about themselves on social networking sites like Facebook, it can help make phishing expeditions much more effective. A hacker can often gather enough information to tailor a phishing email to your interests, or even mimic one of your friends or family. This dramatically increases the chances that the infected email is opened and the embedded link leading to compromise is clicked, and from there the trail often leads a hacker right into their company or organization, not to mention the huge potential for identity theft along the way.”

But there are steps you can take to secure your cyber assets. Global Digital Forensics can perform a penetration test, which is a live real-world test that can expose the weaknesses in an organization’s cyber security posture by attempting break-ins just like real hackers would try. This is coupled with a deep scan and targeted monitoring of the cyber infrastructure to make sure a compromise has not already occurred and allowed undetected long-term access and compromise. Once the test and scans are completed, a detailed report with the findings is generated and step-by-step policy recommendations are laid out to improve the overall security of the cyber infrastructure.

Choosing to ignore the very real threat of cyber intrusions will always prove more costly in the long run, from both a monetary perspective, as well as the potential to completely debilitate the function of your organization, so don’t wait.

To discuss penetration testing and improving your cyber security posture, Global Digital Forensics can be reached toll free at (800) 868-8189. Emergency response teams are standing by and ready to respond 24/7, nationally and worldwide.

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