Debunks Top Graphic Design Software Myths

Graphic design software is one of the more expensive software suites available in the market. The likelihood of wasting hundreds of dollars and thousands for future updates is quite high if a person subscribes to top myths for graphic design software. releases its graphic design software guide to debunk this expensive myth.

Bellevue, WA, August 17, 2011 --( Graphic design software packages are one of the more expensive packages available in the market today. They tend to be a large collection of differing feature sets, different functionalities. They cover a broad range of designer functions. They are basically the Swiss Army knife of the creative process. However, they have a dark side. They can be a quick way of wasting money. The number one myth when it comes to graphic design software is that you have to get the software package that has it all. The reasoning, if we should call it that, for this myth is just like a Swiss Army knife, you don’t know what your needs would be. So you need to be ready with the right software, with the most robust software package with the fullest feature set you can find.

“This is a very expensive proposition and a very expensive myth,” said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for The internet’s top software and consumer review resource. “This myth really is tantamount to saying to somebody that if you need to kill ants, you need to buy a jack hammer. Not only is this overkill but it is also overkill for your pocketbook,” said Thompson. To prevent graphic designers and other consumers of graphic design software from wasting hundreds if not thousands of dollars on graphic design packages that may have features that they don’t really need and don’t fit their particular situation, has launched its graphic design software guide.

“The key to debunking this myth is to be very honest with your graphics need. While there is a measure of psychological comfort by getting a very powerful piece of software, this maybe a false comfort because it may be too complicated, too intricate and really maybe too much for your particular need. There are maybe just simpler packages for you to use. There should be no shame in admitting a limited set of need and picking the appropriate matching graphic design software package for those needs,” said Thompson. “In fact, given the recent hard economic times facing the United States, it is the only responsible way of evaluating one’s software needs, the key to debunking the graphic design software myth, the prime graphic design software myth is to focus on your particular needs,” said Thompson.

Not only does the step you through the practical ways to go about doing this, it gives you concrete and clear guidelines on how to evaluate your real needs and scalable needs so you can make the right graphic design software buying decisions.

“At the end of the day, buying the right graphic design software is not about getting a digital security blanket but getting the right suite of tools to adequately and professionally meet your graphic design needs,” said Thompson.


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