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Encryption software is fast being viewed as the final layer of protection against security breeches.'s newly released encryption software guide helps consumers find the right encryption package that matches their particular situations and prevents them from overspending on bloated software.

Bellevue, WA, August 22, 2011 --( The more we use the internet, the more sensitive information we generate. This is a key fact of life as we take full advantage of the internets e-commerce, research and social capabilities. While there is security software available that protects our information from being collected by websites and also protects our online search activities from snooping, they do not go far enough. A lot of sensitive files are generated where we store key financial information, log ins, passwords, billing information, medical history and other potentially sensitive and damaging information. For these pieces of information, stronger protection is required. Data encryption software converts easily accessible files into inaccessible files. You need to enter a password to access your file. While data encryption software is a powerful solution for your privacy needs, not only packages are the same., the internets leading consumer software review and consumer issues reference website, has released encryption software guide to help consumers pick the right software for their particular situation.

"Think of encryption software as a shredder for your sensitive files. Just the same way you would want to just crumple up your Social Security statement or your credit card statement, you would not want to just store your file in a hidden folder somewhere in your computer because eventually somebody can find out." This is according to Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for Thompson said, "Encryption software does the heavy lifting of adding privacy to your sensitive files. They convert it into unreadable format, unless you have the right password, and they shred the original file so it cannot be found. Truly encryption software is the final layer of protection for your private data." The encryption software guide touches upon the key features that any encryption software must have. These features are nonnegotiable. They must be present in the file in the software package for it to be worth buying. It then discusses optional items, which users can consider in judging software packages so that they can decide on the right package that fits their particular needs. According to Thompson, "The key here is to avoid bloated software. Many software companies make a lot of extra money offering you features that you end up not using, so while it looks impressive that it has a very long feature set, if you use only four or five of that feature set, you just spend way more money than you needed to."

The encryption software guide helps consumers get peace of mind with properly encrypted files, portability for maximum flexibility and also helps them avoid paying too much for encryption software. Visit the guide today and start saving money and get a higher level of protection for your most important files.


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