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MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Highlights a New Pilates Workout

Mari Winsor is back with a new Pilates workout for people of all ages who want to lose weight. Although other Pilates workouts offer only exercise tips, Mari Winsor has created an entire system for sustainable fat reduction.

MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Highlights a New Pilates Workout
Atlanta, GA, August 26, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Shop At Home is delighted to introduce a new workout routine from Mari Winsor. The former professional dancer has been working with Pilates exercises since 1990, and her DVDs have sold over 29 million copies. Mari Winsor's newest exercise regimen will burn off existing fat, increase metabolism, and sculpt muscles.

WinsorSlim will help people lose up to 10 inches from their waistline in only two weeks. The fat reduction exercises improve a person's health without adding bulky muscles, and a low-stress approach means users face minimal injury risk.

The Pilates system is a series of low-impact exercises designed to improve a person's health without expensive equipment or heavy weights. The exercises are frequently employed by dancers, singers, and stage performers. Mari Winsor has added her own twist on the basic Pilates movements by adding her Accelerator workout tool to the regimen.

The Accelerator has seven different configurations, and users can perform more than 200 total exercises with the workout tool. It is designed to increase a user's flexibility and range of motion, provide resistance to build muscle and tone specific muscle groups. When users faithfully combine the Accelerator with Mari Winsor's workout techniques, fat reduction will be higher than users can achieve with only exercises.

Traditional Pilates equipment can be difficult to move and heavy, but the Accelerator can be carried in a small shoulder bag. The tool can be broken down into smaller pieces for easy storage. Although traditional workout devices may cost several hundred dollars, the Accelerator is inexpensive and is included in the price of the Mari Winsor workout system.

The Mari Winsor system includes several DVDs such as ABsession, Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss Workout, and Superfast Body Blast with the Accelerator. The DVDs will show users how to perform the necessary Pilates exercises, and Mari Winsor explains how to properly incorporate the Accelerator into workouts. The ABsession and Superfast Body Blast DVDs are 20 minutes in length, and the Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss Workout is 40 minutes.

Mari Winsor clients also receive the On-The-Go Eating Guide, 30 days of free VIP access to the Mari Winsor Web Club, and a waist tape measure to chart a person's fat reduction. The On-The-Go Eating Guide includes some of Mari Winsor's own recipes, and a food journal helps dieters keep track of every meal.

VIP access to the Mari Winsor Web Club allows customers to receive online coaching from experienced personal trainers on a daily basis. The club also has meal plans, motivational tips, and detailed workout calenders to prevent burnout. Mari Winsor offers live sessions on occasion to members. Club members have lost up to twice as much weight as people without a support system. Additional VIP access may be purchased after the initial 30 days.

The entire WinsorSlim system is now available for only two payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling, or customers may opt for a single payment. The company accepts checks, e-checks, and money orders in addition to normal credit cards. Orders should be shipped within five to seven business days after the purchase.

If customers are not satisfied with the fat reduction kit, they can return all of the items within 30 days for a full refund. Return information is located on the back of the packing slip, and customer service is also available from Sunday to Friday.

Chickie Maxwell