The Miracle of Love World Tour 2011 Continues in Glasgow and London

"In a Moment Life Can Change. The Question is, Does Life Happen to Us or do We Create the Life We Desire? It's Our Decision." Source Al Diaz Founder of Ilumine Ao and Internationally Recognized Public Speaker; Hosts the Miracle of Love World Tour.

The Miracle of Love World Tour 2011 Continues in Glasgow and London
London, United Kingdom, August 25, 2011 --( The Miracle of Love World Tour, with Al Diaz, in Glasgow 9/3 and London 9/4.

With recent rioting happening in many nations around the world, such as in London, finding a positive outlook is sometimes not easy. At this stage of human history it is imperative that people rally together as human beings, rather than reinforce what separates humanity as a whole. This topic was key during an interview with Al Diaz author and keynote speaker. "If we all come to the realization of our ability to be as one peaceful co-existence and if we consciously utilize that energy, we are able to do and be all that our heart desires in harmony," says Diaz.

Diaz has started a movement. It is called The Miracle Of Love. It is a movement towards understanding human being's abilities to co-exist in harmony, with love and respect for each individual person. "With our heart providing us the truth, we become the active leaders of our own lives. And by doing so we evolve as human beings. If we don't lead our Self, there are plenty of people around who'll try to do the job for us,” Diaz states.

Al Diaz is pleased to announce The Miracle Of Love World Tour 2011. Al Diaz is hosting the event to further explore the possibilities of The Miracle Of Love. Al Diaz and many other phenomenal presenters will appear in Toronto, Canada 8/20, Orange County, California 8/28, Glasgow, Scotland 9/3, London, England 9/4. Visit for more information.

"Now is the time and opportunity to respond as a leader from Loved based values to what is going on in our world and in our Life. Very simply put…To lead from our Heart is to watch the world change and live the Life desired."

About Al Diaz
Al Diaz is an International and Keynote speaker and author of “The Titus Concept” and “Confirmations”.

“Ilumine Ao” expresses in a combination of Spanish and Hawaiian “Illuminate Light” and in that inspiration it is done for the best and highest good of all.” This is what Al Diaz represents.

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Ilumine Ao
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