Sentrana Releases Version 2.0 of the SpoonByte iPhone App

The newly released version 2.0 of the SpoonByte iPhone dining app features updated visual design, hundreds of new restaurants, and group and friend matching.

Washington, DC, August 31, 2011 --( Sentrana Inc., a Washington DC-based leader in scientific marketing, this week announced the launch of version 2.0 of the SpoonByte iPhone application for dining in the Washington, DC Metro Area. The latest iPhone app showcases updated visual design, a greater selection of restaurants, and a new feature that allows group and friend matching.

In version 2.0, SpoonByte’s unique restaurant recommendation functionality has expanded to help groups determine where to eat through friend and group matching. Users can now see which restaurants they will most likely enjoy with an individual friend or a group of friends. This new functionality also allows users to invite friends to their recommended restaurant by sending an email notification and calendar appointment. “The new friend functionality will make going out with friends much easier because it helps an individual find places to go that their friends will also enjoy, improving the often complicated experience of deciding where your group should eat,” said Larry Bradley, Director of Technology Operations and Projects.

SpoonByte brings predictive technology into the dining out space in order to assist restaurant goers with deciding where they should dine when eating out. Users of this technology receive a unique score for every patron-restaurant combination indicating how they will like one of the more than 1500 restaurants listed on SpoonByte. By visiting restaurants with a high score, users can reduce the risk associated with trying unfamiliar restaurants.

Version 2.0 of the iPhone application gives users access to all features of SpoonByte 2.0 website on their portable Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The iPhone app can be downloaded at the following link: SpoonByte can also be used on the web at

Sentrana, Inc.
Bahia Simons-Lane