1300 On The Move Removals Commitment to Becoming Carbon Neutral

Brisbane removalists company, 1300 On The Move Removals, have undertaken a commitment to become a NoCO2 organisation.

Melbourne, Australia, September 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Social responsibility has been one of the most innovative and exciting phenomena of the twenty-first century. With climate change increasingly becoming an issue of central importance, there is a focus on government bodies, organisations and businesses to be progressive when it comes to operating in an environmentally friendly way.

Operating a modern business is no longer about the "bottom line." Socially responsible businesses are taking their role and impact in society seriously and focusing on the "triple bottom line"- community, environment and profit.

When thinking about environmentally friendly business, about the last thing to come to mind is the furniture removal industry. A fleet of large trucks used to transport furniture is essential to core operations; and removalists are often required to drive in congested city traffic which is not conducive to fuel efficiency.

According to the Australian Department of Climate Change report "National Green House Gas Inventory, 2007," road transportation made up 86.9% of Australia’s transport co2 emissions in 2007.

While some businesses can manage the carbon footprint generated by the use of trucks for distribution by limiting the use of trucks (the UK’s Marks and Spencer), and partnering with other companies to share distribution trucks (Nestle), the removalist industry relies on the use of trucks, not for distribution, but for their core activity.

Reducing carbon emissions in the removalist industry takes vigilance, commitment and creativity. One Brisbane removalists company, On The Move Removals has taken up the challenge.

Operations Manager and environmentalist, Michael Daniels, made a commitment to "going green" in 2010.

"We have the benefit of a highly integrated team, with everyone from the drivers, to the office staff, to the managers invested in our vision to be an environmentally responsible organisation."

Their first step was to introduce extensive training and education for drivers on driving best practices including the reduction of idling time and encouragement of route planning before each move to minimise time on the road.

The next was education about the most fuel efficient trucks, and how to maintain them so that fuel efficiency is optimised. 1300 On The Move Removals trucks are diesel, which drastically reduces carbon emissions. Diesel fuel allows drivers to get 40% more miles to the gallon than gasoline, and it burns cleaner.

Thirdly, 1300 On The Move Removals became members of Climate Friendly Organisation, to offset the carbon emissions that resulted from their operation. Climate Friendly Organisation allows for the purchase of carbon credits which are used to increase forestry plantation, renewable energy plantations and renewable energy projects in third world companies.

As well as actively seeking to reduce carbon emissions on a day to day business, the inevitable emissions occurring due to their operations are measured and offset.

The company offers incentives for recycled boxes, with a "buy back" policy, and only uses boxes which have been made from recycled materials.

Around the office staff members are vigilant about operating in an environmentally conscious way. A staff member has been appointed the "Environment Ambassador," and is responsible for researching and implementing environmentally friendly activities around the office.

The Environment Ambassador’s role involves simple tasks such as replacing plastic bags used for garbage with biodegradable or recycled paper bags, overseeing and enforcing their recycling systems, organising car-pooling for staff, buying toilet paper made from recycled materials and ensuring computers are all turned off at the end of the day.

"Appointing a staff member as an Environment Ambassador not only helps us to maintain our environmental policies, but also gives the staff a sense of empowerment and morale," explains Michaels.

The team at 1300 On The Move has taken it upon themselves to become an environmentally responsible business, providing their clients with an eco-friendly option when it comes to moving house.
1300 On The Move