ITP VoIP Helps Improve Customer Service Call Centers with New Digital Phone Call Recording

ITP VoIP, a phone service provider, is giving call center managers the ability to improve productivity and performance with its new internet phone call recording feature. The free featureĀ is included with every plan and is especially well suited to help call center agents to be more effective.

Brooklyn, NY, September 03, 2011 --( Customer service managers need to make sure they are not only meeting their customers' quality expectations, but also those of the businesses they are representing — a hefty task that digital phone provider ITP VoIP is helping to solve. Available at, the internet phone service offers a number of complimentary features for every customer, including new call recording support. Using this hosted PBX technology, call centers can benefit from the ability to record and play back calls to identify common customer issues, improve service, and reduce costs.

With call recording from ITP VoIP hosted PBX, call center managers will be able to easily identify customer issues such as common questions that can be resolved by placing additional information on the company website or existing instructional materials. By addressing frequently asked questions off the phone, call center managers can reduce overall call volume, giving themselves and their staffs more time to focus on priority calls.

VoIP business call recording can also help call centers identify possible problems with call agents such as work flow issues, including the ability for managers to see how well call agents interact with one another. For example, managers may find that agents are not working together and are causing the customer to repeat their information to multiple employees. Managers will also be able to use call recording from the hosted PBX provider to evaluated employees' responses to important customer cues indicating the necessity of a transfer or other common action.

Additionally, VoIP call recording will make sure all call agents have a unified view of the customer and are delivering the same information, so that customers will get the same quality customer service no matter which agent they speak to on their call.

VoIP phone call recording is just one of the many free features included with every plan from ITP VoIP. ITP VoIP also offers several additional services beneficial for businesses, including a toll-free number so customers can contact the call center for free, a fax line or virtual fax line for simple document sharing, and softphone support, allowing agents to make calls from their computers. These additional internet phone services can be added to any plan at a low monthly price and can easily be enabled or disabled through ITP VoIP’s online interface.

To learn more about ITP VoIP broadband phone service and to compare VoIP service from ITP VoIP to Vonage and ViaTalk, visit or call 1-888-ITP-1110. ITP VoIP can also be found on Twitter and Facebook at and

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