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MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Shows When to Plant Tomatoes

MyReviewsNow announces its new affiliation with Growing Tomato Secrets, a company that is dedicated to helping people with growing plants and tomatoes. Growing Tomato Secrets instructs gardeners when to plant tomatoes.

MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Shows When to Plant Tomatoes
Houston, TX, September 08, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow showcases Growing Tomato Secrets. Growing Tomato Secrets is a website that gives tips and valuable information on when to plant tomatoes. This easy to navigate website has captivated thousands of followers across the country and aided in their ability to successfully grow organic tomatoes.

Founder Kacper Postawski started the company after his last job when he was just 17 years old. His grandfather’s passion in life was simply when to plant tomatoes and how. He wrote an e-book about growing plants and tomatoes called “Organic Tomato Magic," and by 2006 he had sold over 2,000 copies across the nation. As a way to honor his grandfather after his grandfather's passing, he began the website and has been expanding it ever since. Being a single father and off the official job market, Postawski has truly made his passion of growing plants and tomatoes into a lifestyle. Postawski has simply wanted to share the word of his grandfather and, with the growth since 2006, he has kept his goals strong and his achievements expanding.

The website consists of a broad range of easy to access elements. The website has 4 main categories: The 3 Secrets Report, Double Your Harvest, Tomato Problems and Video Tip of the Day. The first element, The 3 Secrets Report, consists of all of the facts and tips necessary in growing plants and tomatoes. You must be a member to enter into this section of the website. The second category, Double Your Harvest, captivates gardeners all over the world with its secrets regarding how to double what your actual harvest is. The third category on the website is called Tomato Problems and consists of various facts and videos regarding the best times when to plant tomatoes.

The final category on the website is called Video Tip of the Day. This section has a video posted each day about various parts and steps in growing plants and tomatoes. Each post is about a different subject or topic that tomato farmers want to know about. For example, topics include how to prevent your tomatoes from cracking or how to make the best, most nutrient-filled soil possible. The videos are short and precise, making them easy and comfortable, as opposed to long, drawn out and boring. In addition to the 4 main categories, there is a section for Question and Answer, as well as other standard website elements.

The expansion of the website and of the company has yielded great results. Therefore, the social media aspect of the website has expanded exponentially and rapidly. With a substantial fan base on Facebook and thousands of views on YouTube of the daily blogs, posts, etc., this company is certainly not a reflection of the recession. Although their Twitter feed is not up and running in full functionality presently, the promise and growth of their other social media platforms shows a possibility of Tweeting in the future.

The new affiliation between MyReviewsNow and Growing Tomato Secrets is sure to help people with any and all of their needs concerning when to grow tomatoes. Whether the consumer is a seasoned tomato farmer, like Kacper, or just beginning their journey into the broad and expanding world of growing plants and tomatoes, the easy to understand content and easy to navigate functionality of the website is universal. For those looking for the perfect resource in helping to grow luscious and delectable tomatoes, visit Growing Tomato Secrets.

For further information regarding when to grow tomatoes, please visit Shop At Home.

Chickie Maxwell