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Ajax Union Online Marketing

Brooklyn Marketing Agency Ajax Union Announces New Ribbon Referral Program to Bring Companies More Business

Ajax Union, a Brooklyn marketing company, is promoting its new referral program to help clients gain more business and receive cash or Ajax Union services when their referrals transition to Ajax Union clients.

Brooklyn, NY, September 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Online marketing firm Ajax Union is encouraging clients to sign up for its new Ribbon Referral Program at http://www.AjaxUnion.com/services/referral/ to start getting new business and other benefits from Ajax Union. The Brooklyn marketing agency’s new program is a trackable referral system, which allows clients to refer potential clients and receive cash, credit for Ajax Union services, and reciprocal referrals when their referrals become Ajax Union clients.

“Our Ribbon Referral Program is a great way for our clients to partner with Ajax Union to generate more business. Companies can choose their level of involvement with our different Preferred Partner statuses, and it’s simple to start enjoying the benefits: Ajax Union customers just need to direct potential clients to the Ribbon Referral form on our website,” said Tierney Oberhammer, Marketing Communication Consultant for the search engine marketing firm.

The small business internet marketing firm’s referral program features several Preferred Partner tiers to accommodate different referral volumes. The first level, Honorable Mention, is for Ajax Union customers who maintain an active referral account but have yet to make a referral. Just for signing up for the program, Honorable Mentions will receive relevant business referrals from Ajax Union.

The next level is Yellow Ribbon Preferred Partner status, for clients who have referred at least one potential business that became an Ajax Union client. These companies will get relevant business directed their way from Ajax Union and, for each signed-agreement, they can choose $100 cash or a $400 credit for Ajax Union's internet advertising services.

If a business refers at least 12 clients per year to the Brooklyn marketing agency, they become a Red Ribbon Preferred Partner. Here, clients will receive $250 cash or a $1000 Ajax Union service credit for each signed referral, and Ajax Union will continue to direct relevant business to them.

The highest level is the Blue Ribbon Preferred Partner, for clients who refer up to 12 clients per year, each signing up for at least $5000 worth of monthly service from Ajax Union. In addition to having relevant business sent their way, Blue Ribbon Preferred Partners will receive 5% of Ajax Union's revenue over $5000, as well as their choice of $250 per referral or $1000 in the company's online marketing services.

To learn more about the internet marketing company and the Ribbon Referral Program, visit http://www.AjaxUnion.com. The business development company is also on Facebook and Twitter at http://www.facebook.com/AjaxUnion and http://twitter.com/AjaxUnion, and updates an SEO NY blog at http://www.AjaxUnion.com/blog.

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