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MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Finds Unique Products for Hair

Proper treatment for hair is a daily struggle for most consumers. MyReviewsNow Shop At Home announces its affiliation with The WEN lineup of products for hair. The WEN products for hair contain an entire system designed to simplify a person's haircare routine without using harsh chemicals or lengthy treatments.

MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Finds Unique Products for Hair
Los Angeles, CA, September 12, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow showcases WEN products for hair for those who are struggling to tame their unruly hair. Although customers may be using multiple products for hair to achieve lively hair, the WEN system provides one-step cleaning with all-natural ingredients and soft foam. Additional WEN hair products are available for adding moisture, combing, increasing hair's texture, and styling.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner is the only combination hair product to utilize five different elements in a single bottle. Because the Cleansing Conditioner incorporates five different products that would normally be sold separately, customers can wash their hair with a single product to save money and time.

A single Cleansing Conditioner will replace conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner, and shampoo. The product is designed to thoroughly clean a person's hair, but natural ingredients are used to avoid hair damage.

Although the Cleansing Conditioner is gentle enough for daily use, WEN suggests customers combine a moderate amount of Cleansing Conditioner with a small amount of Styling Creme for days when the Cleansing Conditioner will not be used. The Cleansing Conditioner and Styling Creme should be thoroughly mixed and then sprayed lightly over the hair as a temporary substitute.

The WEN Wide Tooth Shower Comb features a hand-finished design with wide and narrow teeth. The comb will distribute the Cleansing Conditioner evenly throughout a person's hair, and customers may use it in place of their fingers to ensure that all of their hair is clean.

Although a gel can hold hair in place and a gloss can improve hair's sheen, the WEN Styling Creme can handle both duties. Users can shape their hair to form the desired look without resorting to greasy gels.

The WEN Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment rejuvenates damaged hair by adding moisture, increasing body volume, and removing harmful elements that can lead to hair damage.

When a WEN user has finished their daily routine, the last product to use is the WEN Texture Balm. The Texture Balm adds a steady hold over hair styles that should last through long work days or weekend adventures.

WEN products for hair will work with any styling tools such as curling irons or flat irons, but the company advises users to regularly employ the Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment to prevent heat damage.

WEN products for hair offers a 30-Day Introductory Kit includes the Cleansing Conditioner, Styling Creme, and Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment. The WEN Texture Balm and the proprietary Wide Tooth Shower Comb are free bonus items in the kit. Each 30-Day Introductory Kit is only $29.95 with free shipping.

After a customer has tried the WEN 30-Day Introductory Kit, they can order the Deluxe 90-Day Kit for a full three months of hair products. The Deluxe 90-Day Kit includes the same hair products and bonus items as the 30-Day Introductory Kit for only $89.95. A Deluxe 90-Day Kit also has free shipping.

Finally, WEN offers a full money-back guarantee on all of its hair products for 60 days after the purchase date. Customers will receive their full purchase price back even if the WEN containers are completely empty. Simply contact WEN for a return authorization number, and customers will receive their refund within one or two billing cycles.

For further information regarding WEN products for hair, please visit MyReviewsNow Shop At Home.

Chickie Maxwell