ITP VoIP Promotes VoIP Phone Savings Over "Triple Play" Competitors

ITP VoIP’s new "Compare" button provides shoppers with an easy and convenient way to see the savings of ITP VoIP service over other phone providers for both home and business service.

Brooklyn, NY, September 20, 2011 --( ITP VoIP, an internet phone service provider, is helping shoppers compare VoIP plans with other national phone providers to allow consumers to make informed choices about their digital phone service. While many other phone providers have “Triple Play” plans for a year or savings, ITP VoIP - available online at - consistently offers lower prices and more free features than many prominent competing services.

ITP VoIP provides a "Compare" button on every plan page on, enabling shoppers to quickly compare VoIP service offered by ITP to other competitors’ “Triple Play” plans. This makes it easier for potential customers shop comparatively without having to pull pricing information from multiple locations.

ITP's pricing chart not only compares VoIP service prices from ITP VoIP to “Triple Play” competitors, but also notes the prices after the “Triple Play” promotions ends. Potential customers can see that prices will increase by over $100 after many one-year promotional periods have expired.

Additionally, with any business or local phone plan, ITP VoIP customers receive over 30 free features. These features match the standard perks provided by “Triple Play” competitors, such as caller ID, call waiting, and *69; however, the VoIP phone provider also offers many free features that “Triple Play” competitors do not, such as call recording, voicemail-to-email alerts, universal number support, and hold music.

The VoIP provider also makes it easy to add additional features, which are especially useful for businesses or those who use a VoIP phone as a home office line. All available for below $10 per month, these premium features include global cell phone service, which allows users to make international calls from their cell phones; softphone support, so that customers can make calls through their PCs or laptops; and virtual faxing, for simple and green digital communication. All of these features can easily be added or removed through ITP VoIP’s online account management, another free feature offered by the digital phone company. This allows customers to quickly manage all of their calling features either online or by phone.

To learn more about ITP VoIP’s internet phone service and to compare VoIP service from ITP VoIP to Vonage and ViaTalk, visit or call 1-888-ITP-1110. The phone internet company can also be found on Twitter and Facebook at and

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