's Digital Media Studio Guide Helps Ease Multimedia Headaches

Many consumers now generate numerous photos and videos throughout their experience using the internet, using digital video cameras and other media capture devices. has released digital media studio software guide to help consumers pick the right digital media studio software which helps them manage their photos and videos.

Bellevue, WA, September 12, 2011 --( It used to be hard to build a photo collection. You have to physically get one of those lanky analog cameras and rolls of film and snap away. However, to create photos, you have to develop the pictures. Thankfully, people no longer have to hassle with camera film. They just take their digital camera and click away and before you know it, you have generated hundreds of photos on your USB drive or digital camera's storage. "Similarly, videos used to be a hassle to shoot. Analog video cameras used to be very large because they all require a video tape. Now digital cameras like the flip recorder or many Panasonic recorders are very small and you could just turn it on and record a video. Nowadays, you do not even need a video recorder. You could record a video using your web cam," said Oliver Thompson, chief media relations officer for

How to choose the right software

With such an explosion of media capture devices, managing and editing the resulting digital content could be a headache. has released its digital media suite software guide to help consumers choose the suitable multimedia management software suite that fits their particular needs. is the internet's premiere source of digital consumer reviews and reference materials.

Choosing based on your particular needs

"Creating media content is just the first step," said Oliver Thompson. After content is created, it needs to be edited and processed for it to reach commercial stage or also for it to be shared.

According to Thompson, "Digital media studio software lets you capture and edit both pictures and video and they are packed with stools that streamline this process and allow you to produce materials that you can probably share with your friends. Also it gives the material that you generate a semi-professional feel that it does not look like a raw video, so the size is not too huge that it crashes your friends' systems. Key tools like cropping and image resizing are a must."

Not all users' requirements are the same though. That is why this resource from is geared towards creating a tight fit between the user's particular needs and the features offered by software packages in the market.


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