Releases Photo Manager Software Guide to Keep Photo Collectors from having Chaotic Collections

"There are just so many ways to take photos now. Because it’s so easy to generate pictures, people are having a tougher time managing all the photos they have on file," says Thompson. has released photo manger software guide to help consumers through the selection process of picking software used to manage these large photo collection.

Bellevue, WA, September 13, 2011 --( It’s so easy to generate photos now; you don’t even need a camera. Since it’s so easy to create photos, consumers now are finding themselves faced with sorting through hundreds, if not thousands of pictures. This can be a very time-consuming hassle and would take a lot of effort to do manually. Thankfully, photo management software has been developed to help consumers sort, label, and create some sort of order through the chaos created by thousands of photo files. Different users have different needs, which is why has released its own photo manager software guide that helps the consumer pick through the differing software packages available in the market today.

“If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to tear your hair out, try organizing thousands of photos manually because it’s guaranteed to drive anyone crazy,” said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for – the internet’s leading authority site for software and consumer review reference sources.

“It’s easy to generate pictures; it’s hard to organize them.” It is like that old saying, “It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it,” said Thompson.

The same applies for pictures. It’s great that you can record memories easily with so many devices but it’s a hassle to go through them. The truth of the matter is sorting pictures is a key part of owning pictures. According to Thompson "Why collect pictures if you’re going to be too intimidated or too discouraged because of the volume to look through them?"

Photo manager software has a guide that lets photo collectors quickly and efficiently select among the titles of the photo manager software. Using the features, it organizes the selection process through the consumers’ needs. Many other consumer authorities’ websites just give flat out recommendations to consumers. “This is flat out wrong,” said Thompson. Instead of selecting software based on their needs, consumers are forced to rely on “the expert opinion” of software review sites. “This can be a costly mistake,” said Thompson. “The only expert you should be listening to is yourself because you know your needs, your particular photo requirements, and you know how important your time is. By using our guide, you can reference the advice that we give with your particular needs so you can zero in the software title that is best suited for you,” said Thompson. Truly, a needs-based approach is the best way to avoid software rip-off.


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