Discovery Car Hire Stands Firm on the No GPS Tracking on Rental Cars Movement

If there is one car rental company that’s strongly against GPS tracking devices to be installed on rental cars, it’s Discovery Car Hire. The company is determined to continue to make sure that every client keeps his or her privacy when travelling.

Melbourne, Australia, September 15, 2011 --( "Every traveller wants to keep his or her privacy, but because of car rental companies that opt to have GPS tracking systems installed in their cars for hire, this right and benefit is taken away from those who are renting cars out for the holidays or those cross country trips," says Scott Walton from Discovery Car Hire.

At Discovery Car Hire, this right is well kept and respected because of the fact that the company doesn’t support having GPS tracking devices placed in their cars.

Rest assured that the only information that the company will obtain would be the details concerning a person’s travel and the car that he or she will be renting out. They will ask for information to confirm a reservation but one can be certain that is as far they would go. There would never be an instance of intrusions or violating a renter’s personal space or security.

Yes, GPS tracking devices can come in handy when it comes to travelling especially when a person is not that familiar with the place that he or she needs to go to. Another thing is to make sure that a family member is safe during the trip.

"But when one is using a public or a semi-private vehicle, it would be best to have this information kept from public access. This is for added security and of course to respect a person’s privacy," says Mr Walton from Discovery.

Since Discovery Car Hire is an avid supporter of the No GPS on Rental Cars movement, a lot of people are thrilled to know that they are being respected when it comes to their personal dealings. Aside from a renter’s privacy, another advantage is the way Discovery Car Hire give a person the need to be really responsible for the car that he or she is renting.

"Renters would understand and take into account that they do not own these cars and that they should be responsible enough to take care of them and observe the rental contract that they have signed," urges Mr Walton.

Besides, they are paying for the use of the cars at the end of the renting period anyway, so they should know that improper use of the vehicles would not only cost them a lot, but would probably face a law suit if they are not able to take good care of the cars that they have rented.

Discovery Car Hire promoted transparency in terms of policies and offers, so it is certain that every car renter would get the best value out of their money – so in turn, "He should make sure that he takes complete responsibility of the car or any type of vehicle that he decides to rent for his trip," says Scott Walton.

It is indeed a breath of fresh air, knowing that there are still car rental companies that really understand the need of a person to enjoy his trip without the worries of being watched and followed. Discovery Car Hire's Scott Walton says, "Any traveller would sleep better at night with the knowledge that he is being respected, cared for and encouraged to be a really responsible car renter."

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