Sunset Adds Four (4) New Trip Hop, Dance and Electronic Acts to the Connect Label

New York, NY, September 18, 2011 --( Sunset Connect signs four (4) new acts this month, and will be releasing nine (9) albums by Panjoma, 3 All Mighty, Store Thousands and J Mitchell.

Sunset begins to sign new music acts for the first time in over a year and it has begun to build its Connect record label by adding four new acts this month. The label will release nine albums by those four artists including Panjoma (Happy Panjoma, Limited Print: Trixtser God), 3 All Mighty (3AmEgo, Charleston Chew, Eclectic Lovers and Seven Rebekkahs), Store Thousands (Store Thousands) and a CD by trip hop star, J Mitchell (Alligator Water). “We added almost a hundred songs to our catalog this month,” says Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset. (Don) Lichterman also says that “two of the acts are from the soundtracks (How Weed Won the West CD and American Drug War: The Last White Hope CD) we released in the last year, and then the other two electronic styled artists were produced by one of the signed bands (3 All Mighty).”

The label plans to start releasing the music by these artists beginning on September 27 with the Panjoma, Limited Print: Trixtser God CD. The 3 All Mighty, Seven Rebekkahs CD will be released that following Tuesday on October 4th. The Connect label will then release each of the other CDs every Tuesday throughout all of October and then into early November this year. Sunset’s Jazz label (Sunset Jazz Recordings) is also busy setting up the brand new Rick Starmer CD (No Such Thing As Time), to be released also on the September 27th release day. That CD is produced by the Grammy winning producer, Rob “Wacko” Hunter (Branford Marsalis).

About Sunset:
Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels, music, DVD Distribution and entertainment companies in the world. Sunset's Distributed Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. With Sunset's Distribution Services and its group of distributed companies at Sunset, there are spots for all artists and all labels to have the ability to gain worldwide global distribution. Sunset Records and Home Video Distribution Company is now set up for all artists to have a place to release their music to stores, radio, press and media and every outlet on the planet. Sunset Distribution Company and its distributed labels are all S2 Entertainment Companies.

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