Demystifies SEO for Beginners

Search engine optimization is often described in mystified techno babble terms. Many people are intimidated by this form of online marketing. has released a clear, easy to follow and concise guide on how novices can optimize their websites for search engines.

Bellevue, WA, September 22, 2011 --( Mention the word SEO and many website users' eyes glaze over. Either they think it is some sort of mystical body of knowledge that only a select few have access to, or it is so super technical that it would scare people who are not very technically oriented. Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, search engine optimization is a necessary body of knowledge to know if you have a website.

Defining SEO

When it comes to targeted traffic, nothing comes close to search engine traffic and if you are willing to invest the time and effort, you can generate search engine traffic for free., the internet's leading free source of consumer and technical reference guides, has released an SEO guide that demystifies search engine optimization. The SEO guide puts search engine optimization in the most simplest terms--terms that even a complete newbie could understand and follow.

Getting the right information

"Many SEO companies try to scare business owners and website owners into retaining them by playing up the complexity of search engine optimization," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for SEO is not rocket science and that is the plain truth.

While there are many deep areas of knowledge within SEO that would result in better optimization and better results, as a whole SEO is not complicated at all. "We have broken down SEO into its two major components, which is onsite and offsite SEO and broken down into simplest terms the subject areas that fall within these two general spheres," said Thompson. By breaking down the optimization activities and considerations within the two general spheres of onsite and offsite SEO, holds newbies by the hand and gives them the right information that they need to start generating search engine traffic for their websites.

According to Thompson, "We really try to make it as simple as possible. There are no over usage of techno babble. There is no attempt at intimidating people with arcane terminology and overly complicated explanations. Simply put, this guide is for laymen and seeks to give them just enough information so they can get started."


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