Sunset is Getting Ready to Release Both Full Length Panjoma CDs, Limited Print: Trixtser God and Happy Panjoma Worldwide to Stores Everywhere

After releasing albums and EP’s on their own, Panjoma is setting up their Limited Print: Trixtser God (In Stores on September 27th) and their Happy Panjoma (In Stores October 18th) CDs with Sunset.

Austin, TX, September 22, 2011 --( Panjoma presents a polished bass driven sound on both their full length CDs, Happy Panjoma and Limited Print: Trixtser God. With a lot of ideas deep within their production, coupled with a strong female vocalist, it’s no wonder this trip hop alternative rock band has songs in a major Award Winning Documentary Film (American Drug War: The Last White Hope) on two soundtrack CDs (How Weed Won The West Soundtrack & American Drug War Soundtrack), and is now releasing two of their full length albums worldwide with the major Indy label at Sunset (Connect), into stores that sell CDs, downloads, streams, ringtones and playback tunes for cell phones. It’s been about a year since the band found its song placed on a soundtrack CD through the Sunset records Soundtracks Division. The latest song featured on the release this year through the Soundtracks Division at Sunset, is being released as the single to stations that play alternative and college format.

Panjoma’s music is captivating with the ability to create a very special atmosphere on their CDs, and at their live shows. It took about a year for Panjoma to release “Limited Print: Trixtser God” after releasing a couple EP records, and their debut CD, Happy Panjoma. The time making music by this eclectic band seems to be paying off considering they had a song placed in a film, before landing two songs on two different soundtrack CDs, before now having two of their CDs picked up at Sunset. Sunset is releasing the Limited Print: Trixtser God to stores on September 27th.

“There are not too many bands that sound like Panjoma,” says label head, Don Lichterman and “the songs on the Limited Print: Trixtser God is trip hop based, with the ability to cross over to the alternative and college markets.” The Austin (Texas) based Panjoma is now being set up to fascinate and show off their musical styles to a global audience of music consumers and music fans. Already confirmed to headline the highly acclaimed Beauty bar on October 13th down in Austin, Panjoma will take the band’s music to the global markets.
With a band led by the core duo consisting of Mary Panjoma and Patrik Nilsson, Panjoma has had gained great acclaim with the audiences that have seen the American Drug War: Last White Hope Film and with the consumers that have purchased either of the two soundtrack CDs (American Drug war Soundtrack and the How Weed Won The West Soundtrack) over the summer and throughout the year.

The Limited Print: Trixtser God CD is being released to stores on September 27th. The first two singles being worked to college and alternative radio are “Reel” and “Subaquatic Cellular Supersmile” and the CD will be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and everywhere that sells CDs, downloads, streams and ringtones. The Happy Panjoma CD will be released in mid October as a catalog title but will also be available everywhere around the world. For all information, including press, licensing, tour dates, please go to the official Panjoma website at Sunset.

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