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MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Highlights Golf Equipment

MyReviewsNow Online Shopping is exploring the world of golf with new affiliate, Pro Touch Wedge. The new partnership will bring the Pro Touch Wedge to more golfers who need a little help improving their scores.

MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Highlights Golf Equipment
Los Angeles, CA, September 25, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Online Shopping is showcasing the Pro Touch Wedge as part of its golf equipment store for amateur and professional golfers. Although expensive instructors can provide personal adjustments to a golfer's techniques, using the appropriate golf equipment may also improve a golfer's score.

A golfer's short game must incorporate the approach to the green, bunker escapes, and putting. The short game can be difficult for a golfer to master because it relies on precision instead of strength. Most golfers begin learning the sport by practicing their driving from the tee since it is comparatively easy to hit a ball down a straight fairway. However, buying certain types of golf equipment like the Pro Touch Wedge may improve a golfer's scores without lengthy practice sessions.

The Pro Touch golf equipment is designed to make the short game easier for golfers by using advanced club materials, proprietary Sole Channel technology, and a zero bounce design. Pro Touch Wedges are approved for play by the USGA, and professionals should be able to use the clubs in most tournaments held within the United States.

All of the company's golf equipment has four deep channels carved into each club head. The Sole Channels help golfers keep their club steady throughout the entire swing, and the design also lets grass or sand flow beneath the club head when golfers are shooting out of a tough spot. The stabilizing effect increases the rate at which golfers strike their ball with the center of the club head.

The deliberate flow through the Sole Channels means a club loses less momentum if a golfer accidentally makes contact with the ground. Although most golfers will be playing under dry conditions, the Pro Touch Wedge's Sole Channels have also been rigorously tested in damp and wet conditions.

The Pro Touch Wedge weighs five percent more than the average pitching or sand wedge. The additional weight allows the club head to gain more momentum as it is swung, and contact with the ball produces more power even with short swings. A shorter swing may be necessary on narrow bunkers, steep hills, or under trees where there is a limited amount of space.

The Pro Touch Wedges' designs have been put to the test by amateur players, product scientists, and professional golfers. Feedback from all three groups helped the company refine the clubs before they were released to customers.

Pro Touch Golf currently offers a 56 degree Pro Touch Wedge for $99.90, a 60 degree Pro Touch Wedge for $99.90, or the Pro Touch Wedge Set for $149.85. The Pro Touch Wedge Set represents a savings of roughly $50 over the individual purchases of each club. The 56 degree club is designed as a pitching wedge, and the 60 degree club is a lob wedge.

The Pro Touch website accepts all major credit cards including Discover, MasterCard, and Visa for purchases of golf equipment. Although credit cards are the only payment option at this time, additional payment options may be added at a later date.

For further information regarding the pro touch wedge, please visit MyReviewsNow Online Shopping.

Chickie Maxwell