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MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Featuring Nanny Jobs

MyReviewsNow, an online shopping affiliate, is pleased to announce its partnership with Nannies4Hire. Nannies4Hire finds reputable nannies for working professionals that require assistance with their young children.

MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Featuring Nanny Jobs
Atlanta, GA, September 28, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Online Shopping is featuring the company, Nannies4Hire, as a part of its employment store. Nannies4Hire has partnered with The Doctors, Dr. Phil, TLC, INC. 500, CNN and Good Morning America to offer viewers an opportunity to learn more about the service provided to parents across the nation. The website is a portal of information for both parents and nannies alike. Parents will be provided with detailed nanny profiles, background checks and references. Nannies will view posted nanny jobs and information about their employers.

The company has been in existence and posting nanny jobs since 1987. The idea grew from a mother who had need for a nanny, but did not have a reputable source for finding experienced nannies. The mother provided access to nanny profiles to families for free. Nannies on the forum may be requested to work for a family full-time, temporary, or part-time. Summer help may also be requested. The nannies may be either live-in nannies or live-out nannies, depending upon the needs of the family.

Registration is required to access the information on the website. Advanced search features will allow families to find nannies that match the criteria they are seeking. Families will have the opportunity to interview nannies after contacting them via the website. A set of sample interview questions to guide families through the interview process is included as well as a sample reference request form and a sample contract will also be provided.

On the website, nannies and families will have access to resources and books related to the profession. This information will help nannies and families negotiate the process and find the best fit for both parties involved. Resources include salary requirements for nannies, how to work with a nanny and the responsibilities of a nanny. The resources will also inform nannies and families how to negotiate a live-in nanny position versus a live-out nanny position. The website provides a wealth of information to help families and nannies maintain a professional and pleasant relationship through the process.

Keeping a nanny long-term is preferable for the children and most families. Information is provided on how to interview a nanny to accept long term responsibilities. The website is comprehensive and rich with information from experts in the nanny and childcare professions. The website even provides information about how nannies are taxed and compensated. Any information a family would need to legally hire a nanny would be available on the website.

Registered families will be required to pay a fee for posting nanny jobs and receiving access to background checks. The Premier Package offers families unlimited comprehensive background checks and job posting capabilities for 99 days. This package is available for $199 online. Families that require less time to find a nanny may select the Platinum Package. The Platinum Package provides 60 days of background checks with multi-state criminal history search, as well as, 60 days of job posting. The Gold Package will allow 30 days of job posting with no criminal history background checks included.

Nanny jobs are plentiful. Families have difficulty finding nannies that are qualified to perform the job. References and background checks are normally the two factors that are weighted the highest in the job hunting process. Nannies must be prepared to offer this information. Nanny jobs are more difficult to obtain if nannies cannot provide this information.

Candi Wingate shares her expertise on nannies through her book entitled, “The Nanny Factor.” This book illuminates various strategies of parents working together to provide a healthy environment for the children. In addition to reading the website, families and nannies may learn more by reviewing the tips in the book. Nanny jobs can be rewarding for both the families and the nanny if the appropriate fit is found.

For further information regarding nanny jobs for employees and families, please visit MyReviewsNow Online Shopping.

Chickie Maxwell