New Software Solutions Promote Employee Engagement in Sustainability

New report from AltaTerra Research profiles four software solutions that help managers engage employees in sustainability. Solutions in this nascent market support employee education, objective setting, participation and progress tracking, in the context of enterprise-level goals.

Palo Alto, CA, September 24, 2011 --( AltaTerra Research is pleased to announce the release of a new report entitled, “Software Solutions for Engaging Employees in Sustainability.” The report examines the emerging market for employee engagement solutions, profiles four leading solution vendors, and discusses current market trends.

Increasingly, corporations and institutions are tracking progress against publicly-stated sustainability goals. For many employees, there can be a disconnect on how high-level goals apply to day-to-day operations. Effective engagement requires harnessing employee interest, and translating enterprise sustainability objectives into employee actions that make a quantifiable difference. To help with the difficult task of communicating, managing, and tracking employee engagement efforts, software solutions are emerging in the market.

Four of these emerging software solutions are highlighted in this brief, from AngelPoints, CloudApps, GreenNurture, and Tripos Software. Solutions usually include an education and/or communications aspect but differ in how they engage and motivate employees. Varied employee engagement strategies include interactive learning displays, social networking–based engagement, idea submittals and ranking, personal pledges and goal tracking, corporate aggregate goal tracking, and competitions among different groups.

“As corporate and institutional goals for sustainability expand, broad engagement of employees is increasingly important to success. Yet engaging a workforce in sustainability is easier said than done,” notes Don Bray, report coauthor and President of AltaTerra Research. “Processes for the necessary training, communication, engagement, and management are often ad hoc and funded sparingly, if at all. And workforces are often highly distributed and difficult to reach. In this context, there is a real opportunity for the use of leveraged, standardized information management tools that provide cost-effective support of employee engagement activities.”

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