GRAPA Announces the Launch of Mbanking Assurance Certification

New Program focused on biggest mobile money risks: frauds, hacks, and partner protection.

Chicago, IL, September 30, 2011 --( GRAPA has just announced the launch of a 3-day Mobile Money Certification program. This new workshop helps telecoms professionals understand the methods utilized by successful teams to protect constantly evolving mobile banking environments. Based on the GRAPA standard approach and controls, this program was developed to meet the growing need of telecoms professionals looking to effectively protect mobile commerce profits.

Rob Mattison, President of GRAPA notes that “In today’s industry, mobile banking represents the best and worst of the ingredients in the new world of telco services development. It engenders both the incredible potential for profit as well as a myriad number of ways to expose your organization to highly damaging and sometimes fatal risks.” Given the high level of potential profit and risk, and the fact that mobile services are growing more pervasive, GRAPA established this program to help professionals understand each component of the revenue stream and methods to protect against risks and improve profits.

One of the core objectives of this workshop is to give professionals in-depth knowledge of the mobile money environment. It also focuses on the key domains of mobile money and components of the architecture, partnerships, and systems function as well as the standard controls required to assure this area. GRAPA’s primary goal is to provide telecoms professionals with a workshop event that would directly address the most common and significant risks to the mobile money revenue stream. Professionals will walk away with tangible skills, knowledge, controls, and methods to measurably improve how mbanking risk is assessed and addressed in their organizations.

Along with this new Certification offering, Rob Mattison will also soon be releasing a White Paper that details the current state of Mobile Money in telecoms and the various aspects of assurance. “It is imperative that professionals who work in the Mobile Commerce line of business have access to as much information as possible,” Mattison states. “Along with the white paper, I am proud that GRAPA can provide training that gives professionals the fraud, technical, and operational information they need to run a successful mobile money operation.”

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