Stryk Releases Debut Album, Thorough

Stryk is preparing to release his debut album later this month, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented Hip-Hop, R&B singer-songwriter, and Composer.

New York, NY, December 11, 2011 --( The talented musician from Newark, New Jersey is set to release his exciting debut album, a move which will thrill his army of fans across the world.

Stryk is preparing to release his debut album later this month, marking a huge stage in the career of the multi-talented Hip-Hop, R&B singer-songwriter, and Composer. Stryk, who lives in Denver, Colorado, has just put the final touches to the album "Thorough," and is now preparing for the imminent release that will hopefully build upon his fan base and get his music heard by more people than ever.

The album, "Thorough," consists of fourteen original songs from Stryk, each providing a combination of his street felt Hip-Hop, R&B, and heartfelt lyrics. The rhythmic undercurrent bears testament to the urban sound, and the music is punctuated throughout with elements of hip-hop, R&B, blues and jazz.

The album was recorded at Colorado Sounds in Denver, Colorado, and its creation was supported by composer, arranger, producer, songwriter, and CEO of Keen Peek Inc. Records (Distributed via Go Distro / Sunset Distribution Company), Ricky Delaney, who has been a crucial element in the development in the creation of the "Thorough" album. It was produced by Stryk and Ricky Delaney and was post produced by Mid-West Jesse (Jesse O’Brien) and mastered by Mastering by Erick Labson of Universal Mastering Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

The theme of the album underlies the changes that Stryk has gone through over recent years, the biggest of which being able to understand that the only way to reach his fans is to be "thorough" in the creation of a quality product. It was this that allowed him to thrive off the new opportunities presented to him, to explore fresh sounds and develop his musical style.

"Thorough" reveals the stunning array of influences that have found their way into Stryk’s music. Whilst his grounding came in traditional Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul music – he began to get himself known whilst playing in venues throughout the Mid-West – he was always keen to bring something unique to a traditional sound. For this reason, his emphasis on Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul has been enhanced by his ability to understand the importance and root of all music.

Stryk has said of his work: “I was brought up in an array of environments. My mother moved us a round a lot, so I’ve lived in the hood, the burbs, in rural areas, then back to the hood. Because of to the lack of stability, I felt that the only thing that I could control was my ability to write music. I wrote my first song at the age of seven. My older brother still sings it until this day. At the age of seventeen I signed my first record deal with My Planet Records, an Indie Label out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I toured and was featured on two of the albums published by the label. The first time I realized that fans were reciting my lyrics was amazing and that was the real changing point for me.

“Since then, my style has developed and I’ve incorporated other sounds and genres which have all made their way into ‘Thorough.’ The album is a reflection of my influences over the years and the changes that I’ve experienced recently in my life.”

With a CD collection that takes up an entire room, Stryk refuses to restrict his influences to one genre. Instead, he has been influenced by numerous artists and genres of music from across the globe, including Sam Cook, Nas, Jay Z, Notorious Big, Tupac, AZ, Mobb Deep, Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, John Coltrane, Howlin’ Wolf, and Stevie Wonder amongst many others.

Stryk does not shy away from including the harsh reality of what people go through on a daily basis, reflecting what he has actually experience. This can be deduced from a track on the "Thorough" album titled “Woke Up.” The track goes in-depth about the current economic condition that he and many others experience day to day.

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Jane Brown