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Monroe, GA, April 15, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Finditt Music has created an online venue for musicians to upload their music for sale through digital downloads. Musicians now have the ability to upload a full library of their tracks and sell them directly to their fans without the need to ship cds or pay start-up costs.

Musicians can quickly start up their free Music Profile on Finditt Music and upload as many songs as they would like for direct sale. The site enables musicians to sell their music as a single track or as an album and doesn’t require a hard copy being shipped, all sales are through digital downloads.

Finditt Music was designed to give musicians an easy to use site to distribute their music and gain exposure. With all albums and songs sold as downloads musicians don’t need to invest in creating cds, shipping material or start-up fees associated with other music sites.

Finditt Music is currently building its catalogue of music and is inviting all musicians and bands to upload their songs for distribution. For musicians who currently use other music sites like iTunes, Rhapsody and CDBaby to sell their music Finditt Music serves to bring one more avenue by which you can get your music to the people. There are no exclusive distributor agreements that need to be signed or hard copies that need to be shipped, the only thing a musician needs to do is upload their music.

To begin uploading your music for digital download sales go to:

Getting your music into the hands of your fans is as easy as uploading a song file into your free Music Profile. Once a song is in the Finditt Music library any visitor to the site will be able to locate your music through various methods of search.

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