Sharm El Sheikh & Sinai Travel Guide and Lifestyle Portal by Residents

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, April 16, 2007 --( is a recently launched portal focusing on the Sinai Peninsula, its residents and their everyday needs.

Noticing that there weren’t any websites catering the growing community of Sinai, a group of young entrepreneurs residing in Sharm El Sheikh came up with the idea of, a portal that would provide fellow Sinai locals with useful content, quick tips and online services that will allow them to get benefits customized especially for locals’ needs.

What makes stand out in the dotcoms arena is the fact that most of its content is written by local users, people who have actually acquired a certain experience after living in the area for a certain period of time, and would like to share their experiences, points of views and helpful feedback with their fellow Sinai residents.

Not only that, but the content offered is widely varied and covers the different interests of the different personalities and tastes of people residing in the area. Users will find most interests covered; from diving to partying, safaris to fine dining, not to mention the extensive directory covering the whole area, providing contact information for shops, restaurants, diving centers, hotels, hospitals, schools to name a few.

In addition to that, they provide their users the chance to view real estate announcements for sale and/or rent from the comfort of their homes. There’s also the classifieds space that allows users to announce vacancies or to offer services online with just a few clicks. All created to make everyday life easier and more convenient.

Last but not least, has recently created a print magazine (paper) published bi-monthly that is distributed at major cafés and malls in Sharm El Sheikh for people to grab a copy and read about the latest happenings, useful articles that would help them with their everyday practical life, mind games and puzzles, movie reviews and much more.

With all these services, their team is striving to always remain on the cutting edge and provide more services and more useful content for their users, as they would like their users to consider as their home online.

Sinai Online
Ismail Fouad