Conecture Technologies Announces New Deal Memo Application, Mediabox-DM

Conecture Technologies announces the release of its newest application, Mediabox-DM (Deal Memo), which enables users to enter and track deal memo terms for contracts signed with licenses around the world.

Atlanta, GA, October 17, 2011 --( Mediabox-DM links to the Mediabox-PA (Product Approvals) system and regulates what types of projects a licensee can start based on current contractual rights. Mediabox-DM manages and tracks all deal memo terms, either automatically imported from third-party rights and royalty systems via integration or by direct data entry.

"We are excited to release this Mediabox-DM deal memo module upgrade to Mediabox-PA, as it will further automate control over what projects a licensee can start while saving our customers the time and effort currently needed to manually check against a contract," says Eric Rennagel, Conecture’s President and CEO, "For the vast majority of Licensors who rely on spreadsheets to manage their contracts and deal terms, Mediabox-DM provides a more efficient and automated alternative to manually managing contract details and controlling product approvals, and serves as a solution-focused alternative to full-blown rights and royalty applications."

The application provides online management of key deal memo terms and online reporting capabilities, customizable deal memo terms such as property, financials, territory, product category and sub-category markets and channels, automated control over projects a licensee can start, secure logins for contract and site administrators, and a fully branded splash page to match the company’s corporate look.

About Conecture Technologies
Conecture Technologies’ origins extend back to 1996, and is founded and run by executives with prior direct experience in television distribution and consumer products licensing. Conecture provides its software applications as a "software-as-a-service" for hosted, online digital asset management and digital media delivery, and for product approvals workflow. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with additional offices in Cincinnati, Ohio for technology, colocation and customer support, and Los Angeles for graphic design.

Other applications by Conecture Technologies include Mediabox-PA for product approvals workflow and Mediabox-DAM for digital asset management.

Mediabox-PA (Product Approvals) is a hosted approvals workflow application that allows users to submit product design artwork files using assets sourced from the Mediabox-DAM application. The application allows individuals to review artwork online and attach online comments with each artwork file, and manage the workflow order of projects and submissions between users. Users also use the system to login, review comments, and submit new or next stage product designs.

Mediabox-DAM (Digital Asset Management) can be used for digital assets across various departments, as well as a means of delivering digital assets to external users. Mediabox-DAM’s key functionality includes being able to control access rights to specific content folders within the folder tree, controlling access rights by asset, asset aliasing to enable an asset to appear in multiple locations from a single source file, adding up to 100 unique metadata fields per asset, controlling asset and folder displays by data ranges, creating multiple asset lists, complex search, support for video, audio, image files, documents, etc.

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Conecture Technologies
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