Mobile Security Risk Report Released by viaForensics

viaForensics releases mobile device risk assessment report featuring key recommendations on security strategies.

Chicago, IL, November 05, 2011 --( viaForensics, a leader in mobile forensics and mobile app security, has just released its new “Mobile Security Risk Report” featuring over 80 pages of expert risk assessment based on technical research and case experience. The report includes both a high-level summary of key issues and in-depth technical analysis citing specific examples of risk areas. The report is available for download for a fee from the web site.

Corporations are struggling to support empoyees’ mobile devices, especially iOS and Android, while still maintaining an acceptable level of data protection and enterprise security. The “Mobile Security Risk Report” provides decision-makers, such as CIOs, CISOs and others dealing with mobile device security strategy, with real-world intelligence and actionable recommendations on managing the mobile risks of iOS and Android smart phones and devices.

The report covers common security questions, such as whether popular platforms (iOS and Android) are secure enough for enterprise use and how these platforms compare to the commonly used Blackberry platform. The effectiveness of using passcodes and encryption to protect against unwarranted access and data theft is also discussed.

Additional key features include:
●Risk scenarios and mobile risk maps
●Auditing of mobile devices
●Recommended corporate policies for mobile security
●Security comparison: iOS, Android and Blackberry
●Device security control profiles
●Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Secure Messaging
●Technical Analyses of iOS and Android

Find more information at The report is provided upon purchase as an encrypted PDF file download. The cost is $495.

About viaForensics
viaForensics is an innovative digital forensics and security firm providing services to corporations, law firms and law enforcement/government agencies. Areas of focus include computer and mobile forensics, mobile app security, enterprise security, information security and penetration testing, and forensics training. As the leading experts on Android and iPhone forensics, viaForensics has developed a suite of unique products and services to serve the mobile and enterprise security needs of organizations.

Lee Haas