Sunset Music Publishing Launches an Innovative Online Automated Licensing Tool

New York, NY, November 06, 2011 --( Sunset Music Publishing launches an innovative online automated licensing tool for music supervisors to find production music in all formats and with all styles of music.

Sunset Music Publishing announces the launch of its automated licensing tool, an innovative new online marketplace for production, or stock music catalog.

Sunset Music Publishing can now offer its extensive library of high-quality royalty-free production music to be used by music supervisors and by all music designers in their production, as background music, in stores, restaurants, theme parks, on hold and any place that needs any style of music, and for any place that needs music. Sunset Music Publishing can now offer its clients four ways to license its product along with offering four separate options for its potential clients, including the master use licensing of all single tracks, bulk packages by genre and style, by perpetual use along with being given the ability to listen and review every track by music stream. The company has launched an advanced search technology with moods, styles, descriptions, Beats per Minute (BPM), instruments, instrumentals, and with an automated cue sheet programmed for every song. Sunset Music Publishing makes it easy, convenient and affordable for its clients to buy the production music they need, after listening to any song, twenty four hours a day, and without having to deal with any other humans. As for the online marketplace for this type of product and service, Sunset Music Publishing is the first affiliated company to any record label (Sunset), to offer this automated way of licensing music. The company can now offer its catalog of recorded music by its own up and coming musicians at all of the labels distributed at Sunset.

“I am psyched to get this launched today; Sunset Music Publishing can show how it is one of the integral parts of us building one the most innovative and progressive music companies in the world and besides that recognition for the company, this is just another way for us to showcase our catalog that is available for the production music industry today,” says head of Sunset, Don Lichterman. He goes onto say that “doing things the automated way online continues to grow how businesses gets done in general, and in this case, music supervisors, can now review and retrieve our music at any time.” Sunset Music has more than 150 entries on the nomination ballot for the 54th Grammy Awards this year and (Don) Lichterman says that from what he does see growing in this part of the industry is that “more companies are sprouting up with a system like I have set up at Sunset.” Lichterman describes “Universal’s (Universal Music Publishing) amazing system which after I saw the launch of it last month, and I merely expanded on their concept of dealing online, however at Sunset, you can check right out using our own e-commerce.”

Lichterman and Sunset also have one of the only A&R Submittal tools in place, and the company now does it royalty payments and statements online and paperless. “With this automated licensing tool being used as an online platform to license songs by my artists, Sunset Music Publishing enables buyers to search in any way, using any type of mood, style, instrumentation or any keyword, before they find, listen and determine on their own, whether they want to license any of the music that is priced in a cost effective affordable way, but what is best is that this can all be done in an easy way. And it can be done anonymously 24 hours any day of the week,” to then enter into what is our royalty free based standard license terms. Sunsets music is now available at the main web site as online music streams for the use of any retail outlet that broadcasts music, theme parks, restaurants that play music, any businesses (on hold, for presentations, etc.), as website background music, or for use in films and TV productions.

About Sunset Music Publishing
Sunset is one of the leading independent record labels, music, DVD Distribution and entertainment companies in the world. Sunset's Distributed Entertainment Companies, and its global operation, acquire, develop, and distribute major music recording artists, home visual entertainment products, online-digital entertainment technologies and music and filmed entertainment worldwide. With Sunset's Distribution Services and its group of distributed companies at Sunset, there are spots for all artists and all labels to have the ability to gain worldwide global distribution. Sunset Records and Home Video Distribution Company is now set up for all artists to have a place to release their music to stores, radio, press and media and every outlet on the planet! Sunset Distribution Company and its distributed labels are all S2 Entertainment Companies.

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