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Dogon Village Books Celebrates Drug Sentencing Reform with Release of eBook Version of Urban Saga "SnitchCraft"

Urban Saga "SnitchCraft" Released as eBook as Drug Sentencing Reforms Reduce Prison Population

Atlanta, GA, November 09, 2011 --( When author Edrea Davis debuted her fictional saga, "SnitchCraft" in hardcover back in 2007, everyone from readers to activists to academics took note of this creative approach to advocacy. Davis cunningly fused hip-hop with a civil rights agenda to offer a glimpse into the corrupt environment created by the use of informants and underscore the unfairness of racially biased sentencing guidelines.

Last year President Obama signed legislation reducing drug sentencing disparities, but the law was not applied retroactively. Dogon Village Books celebrated the new sentencing guidelines becoming retroactive November 1, 2011, with the release of the ebook version of "SnitchCraft," updated with new information and facts.

"I am happy about the progress made on sentencing reform. Reducing the disparity between powder and crack cocaine from 100-to-1 to 18-to-1 is a positive step," said Davis, a volunteer with the November Coalition (, an education foundation working to end the drug war injustice. "The release of my ebook at a time when thousands of federal inmates become eligible for release from prison is a reminder that if we continue to raise our voices for education over incarceration we will chip away at the remaining disparities and the corrupt snitch system as well."

Praised by civil rights legend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery for, "shedding light on deep-rooted problems plaguing the Black community," "SnitchCraft" juxtaposes the themes of family, spirituality, and social justice against the backdrop of a popular Southern California nightclub battling escalating gang violence. It uncovers the street life escapades behind the dynamics of snitching, while questioning the morals and values that are often convoluted with the issue.

"SnitchCraft" pushes the boundaries of typical 'urban lit' fare however. Davis incorporated a unique "After the Book" section with a reader's guide of discussion questions, suggestions on how to become active in your community, and an index of leading organizations focused on criminal justice reform and other issues impacting the Black community.

The engaging read even landed on the required reading list in a curriculum guide at the Yale National Initiative of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute. According to the guide, the introduction to Criminal Justice course incorporated the book because it looks at the present day social phenomenon of snitching, police corruption and the use of paid confidential informants in solving crime.

The novel revolves around flamboyant nightclub owner, John "JC" Powell. JC is making more money than he can count, providing for his entire family, and on the verge of winning back the love of his life, Candace Banks. When he is arrested, convicted, and imprisoned based on the testimony of someone he trusted, JC struggles to clear his name and get back over two million dollars in assets seized by the government. As the pieces of the puzzle come together in a surprising courtroom drama, JC realizes that he is caught up in a ruthless game, playing against a criminal justice system set up to win by any means necessary.

"Snitchcraft" is available online at Google Books, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad iBookstore, Smashwords, and at other online retailers. For more information on "Snitchcraft" go to or and view the book trailer at

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