Dogon Village

Dogon Village is a grassroots site dedicated to providing a vehicle for Blacks of the Diaspora to get the word out to the community globally. Since 1995 Dogon Village members have actively engaged in "bridging the divide" in the Black community. We started out in '95 as a extension site ~one of those long names~, became in '97, and, to reflect our African heritage, changed our name to dogonvillage in '99. connecting the Black Diaspora, one click at a time.

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Dogon Village

Why Dogon Village?

Dogon is read “Dog-On” by some and Dogon by others. We believe that it takes a Dog-On Village to raise a child and that proper education requires a thorough knowledge of history including the ancient Dogon tribe of Mali located in the Homburi Mountains just outside of Timbuktu. The Dogon are credited with knowledge of the Star Sirius and a companion star Sirius B that is invisible to the naked eye as well as the Rings of Saturn and Moons of Jupiter some 500-700 years before the invention of the telescope.

According to legend, the early Dogon only took their children out at night so that they would have perfect night vision and an enhanced astronomical ability.

Children, elders and technically savvy remember to click on the “Dog On” Village and upon arrival, encounter an experience that informs, educates, motivates, validates, and invigorates. Those interested in culture and commerce throughout the African Diaspora are making their Internet home… read more about the Dogons of Mali here.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we are dedicated to bridging the digital and educational divides in the minority communities. From providing free website development and hosting, to technology consulting and training, we have worked diligently to keep our community up to date with ways to utilize new technology to communicate with the masses. Additionally, we serve as point of contact for a number of organizations, disseminating information to members via email and fax.

We are communications experts utilizing the Internet for it's initial purpose, to disseminate messages, ideas, and information, to broader audiences. This site is for the community. Visitors are able to add website links in the interactive directory, submit a press release for posting on the site, and, users can submit relevant, newsworthy press releases for free distribution to black media outlets. Free hosted community sites within the DogonVillage include the Ben Mays Center, Kids Against Pollution, and Negro Spirituals, among others., connecting the Black Diaspora, one click at a time.

We hope that your visit to the village leaves you a little wiser than you were when you came.