Navtej Kohli MD- An Online Medical Resource Debuts Today

An online medical encyclopaedia, which contains a comprehensive description of common diseases and medical conditions is unveiling today.

Navtej Kohli MD- An Online Medical Resource Debuts Today
New Delhi, India, November 15, 2011 --( An online medical resource named "" is debuting today. The website gives an insight about the various diseases and commonly occurring medical conditions, and provides a detailed description of the same. The medical encyclopaedia also explains the remedies along with preventive measures of various diseases.

An acute surge in ailments has been noticed in the past decade. Though, with the qualified professionals and extensive research process, remarkable inventions in the field of medical science are being introduced everyday. Some of them act as a landmark in the medical history and revolutionize the concept of longevity of life and healthy living. But unfortunately, due to the unavailability of the appropriate knowledge and unaffordable medical facilities, most of the diseases remain undiagnosed or under-treated.

Most of the deadly diseases are idiopathic like carcinoma, asthma, dementia etc., and affect a greater segment of society with each passing day. Medical inventions are still falling short of the rising epidemic conditions and preventive measures are becoming ineffective.

Rising resistance in the micro-organism and the genesis of "super bugs" is also an alarming sign. The drugs which were administered to cure the dangerous diseases are no more effective. There is an acute shortage of the effective drugs against the mounting resistant strains of the micro organisms.

Vaccinations not only helps in prevention of disease but it also renders a person susceptible to various other strains of the causative organism. The increased injudicious use of medicines is posing a threat to the overall health of the individuals. A decreased immunity level in children and adults is one such result.

This website is a bid to counter the common myths and provide the factual description of various diseases and grave medical conditions for the benefit of the mankind. This is a small step put forward with a vision to make authentic medical knowledge available to everyone. Navtej Kohli MD is a medical encyclopaedia that describes the causes, symptoms, treatment and the preventive measures of various clinical diseases and other medical conditions in reference to the subject.

The website is for increasing the awareness among public and does not prescribe or recommend any kind of self medication.

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