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Los Angeles, CA, July 29, 2007 --( Did you know?

A cotton t-shirt blended with polyester can release approximately one quarter of its weight in air pollutants and ten times its weight in carbon dioxide. Each organic fiber t-shirt you buy eliminates the use of 150 grams of agricultural chemicals. It takes approximately one pound of chemicals to grow three pounds of conventional cotton, while organic cotton is grown chemical free.

Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource that can be made into easy-care fabrics. Made of the cellulose extracted from managed bamboo farms, this elegant eco-fiber is manufactured using a non-toxic process which spins buttery-soft machine washable fabrics. Bamboo grows very quickly and does not require fertilizers or pesticides. Jonäno manufactures only authentic spun bamboo of the highest quality and strength. It is comfortable, breathable, and kills bacteria that causes odor. The Jonäno ecoKashmere line of base layer protective apparel feels like silken cashmere next to the skin, and will wick moisture at twice the rate of conventional cotton.

Certified organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. It is also free of formaldehyde finishes. Organic cotton wears well and is extremely breathable, unlike synthetics that pill, emit static electricity, prematurely age and trap perspiration. Non-organic cotton is commonly portrayed as natural, yet it is highly cultivated and processed which contaminates groundwater and ultimately drinking water, poisoning the food chain.

Jonäno encourages consumers to shop with a conscience and buy goods made under fair labor conditions.

Things You Can Do:

Avoid clothing brands that have been known to use sweatshops.
Purchase organically grown and natural fiber clothing.
Donate your old clothes to thrift shops.
Write to sweatshop-using companies to tell them you won't give them your business until they source Fair Trade.


Known for its buttery soft cashmere feel without the cashmere cost, the ecoKashmere® Collection by jonäno is introduced in nature-inspired fabric hues. The Introductory ecoKashmere® Collection features bamboo jersey tees, tanks and light sweater tops as well as thermal weight fabrics for Fall and Winter.

Detox your Wardrobe
The natural antibacterial properties of bamboo fabric come from an inherent quality of bamboo commonly called “bamboo kun.” Bamboo cultivation does not require the use of pesticides, making it a natural choice for organic farming techniques. It is rarely attacked by pests or infected by pathogen. The same natural substance that protects bamboo growing in the field functions in ecoKashmere®, killing germs that cause odor.

Its benefits go even further as easy-care ecoKashmere® does not need, nor do we recommend, chemical dry cleaning. Healthier for you and the environment, pesticide and chemical-free bamboo fabrics are the new earth’s cashmere.

Harmonizing with the Jonäno mission to merge boutique fashion design with environmental awareness, the ecoKashmere® Line displays passion for ecological sustainability.

Bonnie Siefers

Bonnie Siefers