Medimix International CEO Appointed to MRII Board of Directors

Miami, FL, December 08, 2011 --( Medimix International announced today that CEO Henry Gazay has been selected to be on the board of directors of University of Georgia Marketing Research Institute International (MRII), a not-for-profit organization whose core mission is developing educational and training programs for marketing research professionals worldwide.

The board of directors works in conjunction with the University of Georgia, Marketing Research Association to present the Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing Research courses, and since 1998 has maintained an alliance with the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR). Supporting organizations also include the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG), and the Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Research (PBIRG). The MRII course is one of the only certifications in Pharmaceutical Marketing Research worldwide.

“I am flattered to have been invited into the ranks of these educational and marketing research leaders,” commented Henry. “The world of pharmaceutical market research is continually evolving, incorporating technological advances, such as the use of mobile marketing and social media monitoring, but it also presents new challenges in terms of legal compliance with stringent regulations.” Added Henry, “Medimix has pioneered the use of the latest research techniques, and I wholeheartedly support the role that MRII plays in imparting this knowledge and helping to promote and maintain the highest quality standards within the industry.”

The MRII board of directors includes a number of personalities of the marketing research organizations and the pharmaceutical industry, including leaders such as Dr. Branimir Brankov of Merck, Ms. Mary Wang and Ms. Carol Galvin of IBM, Anna Alu of ESOMAR, and Charles Dodson of AM Todd Company.

About MRII
The Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) is a non-profit institute devoted to fulfilling the core educational needs of people worldwide in the marketing research profession. The Marketing Research Institute International (MRII) was incorporated in 1994 to: Serve as a source of education, Receive and administer funds for support of the marketing research industry in the development of marketing and opinion research training material, Support the training of those entering, or those currently engaged in, marketing and opinion research, Work with those in the educational field in developing programs for the specific purposes of furthering educational opportunities of those in the marketing and opinion research business.

About Medimix International
Medimix International provides "e-merging insights for tomorrow’s global healthcare."TM.

Medimix’s global online community provides direct access to almost one million physicians and healthcare professionals from around the world, making it one of the largest panels in the industry.

Medimix has various offices across the globe, including Miami, FL and Florham Park, NJ (USA); London (UK); Mexico City (Mexico), São Paolo (Brazil); Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai (China), and Bacolod, Philippines.

Medimix has invested heavily in applying research services in the fast growing on-line arena and for the social web and recently introduced: ScanbuzzTM a social media monitoring platform for life sciences industries, currently tracking top 200 pharmaceutical products and 100 corporate brands in a variety of therapeutic areas. Clients may monitor their own choice of brands, disease or conditions, or any concept they are interested.

Medimix has also partnered with VoxMedTM a worldwide online community for the medical profession where physicians and healthcare professionals may discuss clinical symptoms, treatments, and prevention.

Medimix specializes in global research. Learn more at

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