Beckett Media Launches Graded Card Investor

Dallas, TX, May 02, 2007 --( The sports collectibles pricing experts at Beckett Media will be delivering to savvy investors and collectors the most extensive and accurate multi-sport price guide of vintage and modern graded cards by the end of May. The first issue of Beckett’s Graded Card Investor and Price Guide will focus on the mainstream and classic sets from 1887-present, with exhaustive coverage on all of the hallmark issues. Future issues of this quarterly publication will expand coverage into such regional sets as Red Man tobacco, Red Hearts as well as popular peripheral Topps issues like 1955 Double Header and the run of inserts from the mid-1960’s.

In addition to the most extensive six-column price listings for vintage graded material ever put in print Beckett Grader Card Investor and Price Guide will include a wealth of sales notes on cards that are edited and updated every issue.

“Instead of trying to price cards with populations of only a few copies, an impossible task most often resulting in “fantasy listings”, we’ll provide readers with a detailed history of confirmed sales on these treasured rarities including the source, month and year of sale,” said Grant Sandground, Beckett Media’s Technical Director of Hobby Development. “Our readers and collectors have been asking us to focus our expertise into this market and we are excited to be delivering such a comprehensive product.”

“Our graded card investor will dig deeper and address more prices on sets than any other publication in the industry. We will not only price and examine the sales of more cards, but we’ll expand the listings of key modern era graded cards. Our range will encompass everything from NmMt to Gem Mint including minor league cards,” added Sandground.

In addition to the 140+ page multi-sport price guide, each issue will feature an in-depth look at a key set or a key superstar and take a thorough review into the nuances of which specific cards are tough or easy in top condition and why. Beckett experts will take those findings and augment them with population report research, archival sales data, future trend estimates, feedback and notes from Beckett Grading Service graders.

Beckett Media
Elon Werner