Introducing the H.E.L.P. Travel Projects: Volunteer and Participative Tourism in Senegal

Amazing and Meaningful Holidays - H.E.L.P. Travel is one of the West African top providers of ethno and responsible tourism: innovative travel concepts bring the participants into a unique experience, landscapes to discover and joyful moments to share

Ziguinchor, Senegal, May 07, 2007 --( H.E.L.P. Travel begins thanks to the encounter of two passionate travelers and experts in the art of voyaging: their dream was to create circuits inspired enough to express the infinite beauty of the African lands and populations.

'A journey is conceived as the desire to discover the elsewhere and live it from the inside, as the instinct to travel towards an unknown country and to reveal its roots...'

The concept is more than an adventure tour; itineraries are created for participants to live a unique experience, to bring them where the others haven’t arrived yet.

They have prepared an exclusive cocktail blending sightseeing, discovery and awareness, adding then the main element of their dreams: the human contact.

H.E.L.P. take travelers to live moments of joy and deep inspiration with groups of kids, families and artists thanks to the opportunity of participating in Local Community Development Projects. These simple and amusing options are exclusively conceived and accessible to everybody: they are but the pretext to live an amazing and meaningful holiday, for a unique and authentic cultural integration.

The act of sharing is the key to open many doors: getting through them is the beginning of the H.E.L.P. Experience: the sounds, rhythms and emotions will fulfill everyone’s spirit…

The H.E.L.P. task is to take visitors through the rivers, landscapes and villages of the Casamance Region, in uncommon and untamed sites still preserved from mass tourism. Their goal is to introduce the habits and traditions of the populations inhabiting this mysterious and fascinating land. The participants’ role is to be the main actor of an amazing holiday, of a special and precious journey that will uplift their hearts and souls…

H.E.L.P. Travel Association
Luca D'Ottavio