New Mobile VoIP Phone Calling Plan for Apple and Android Devices Available at

VoIP provider ITP VoIP has created a new Mobile VoIP app for Apple and Android phones for existing customers.

Brooklyn, NY, December 22, 2011 --( VoIP provider ITP VoIP, available online at, recently launched a new Mobile VoIP phone app for Apple and Android phones. The free app works with 3G/4G and WiFi networks, and can be used with ITP VoIP’s Mobile VoIP calling plan.

In an effort to cater to the increasingly digital age, ITP VoIP developed the Mobile VoIP phone app for its customers who want the option to easily expand their internet phone services to their mobile phones. With the app, users can make and receive digital calls from and to their smartphones without using their cell phone minutes.

Though anyone can benefit from the Mobile VoIP app, those who travel often represent the ideal demographic. ITP VoIP’s impressive international rates apply to internet phone calls made with the app - perfect for those who have friends or family abroad, or frequently go abroad themselves. Mobile VoIP users also have the option of forwarding their home or office calls to their smartphones. When placing calls, the ITP VoIP phone number can be set as the caller ID number, making it easy to conduct business even when out of the office.

ITP VoIP’s mobile internet phone service plan is just $9.99/month and includes 500 free minutes, a free phone number based anywhere in the United States, an additional free voicemail box, and online account management, including a regularly updated record of in- and outbound internet phone calls.

The low cost also makes the Mobile VoIP calling plan ideal for people who don’t necessarily use up the minutes they’re allotted by their big-name service providers, many of which charge up to four times as much for the same amount of minutes. ITP VoIP’s mobile internet phone plan, combined with a different provider’s texting and data plan, can offer users significant savings each month. The large amount of minutes also provides a sense of comfort for those who might occasionally worry about exceeding their limits.

To use the Mobile VoIP app, existing ITP internet phone service customers must sign up for the VoIP App Calling Plan, install the original ITP App - also free - and then install the new Mobile VoIP phone app.

For more information about ITP VoIP, visit or call 1-888-ITP-1110. To preview or download the mobile app, visit the iTunes Store or the Android Market and search “ITP VoIP." The VoIP provider is also available on Facebook and Twitter, at and

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