Sunset Classics Gets Ready to Release the "Deliverance" CD by World Music and Avant Garde Experimental Music Artist, Martens

New York, NY, December 30, 2011 --( Marten’s sets up his brand new full length 14 song Experimental CD with SC&J (Sunset Classics & Jazz).

The avant-garde electronic experimental deep underground music artist Martens gets set to release his brand new full length CD with Sunset Classics (SC&J). Martens produced a sound oriented symphonic masterpiece that tells a story. The music by this uniquely styled musician brings Sunset songs that are made up with colorful sounds that are reminiscent of any sci-fi flick or music that has an adventure or magic carpet ride. The album is also based on ideas and concepts by a professor that has taught higher education throughout The Netherlands for many years. Deliverance is all instrumental CD with a cinematic and eclectic approach to creating a full length album that does tell a story.

“We will release this initial Deliverance CD at SC&J (Sunset Classics & Jazz),” says Don Lichterman, the head of SC&J, and “then we will release a couple more full length CDs by Martens by spring time next year.” The street day for the label to release the Deliverance CD to stores is on January 24th next year in 2012. The album does tell a story with songs that reflect influences in many genres, and the obvious electronic based material is action packed, and drama filled, with flowing grooves, that make up a full sonic sound-scope of colorful music on a 14 song full length CD.

The music created and produced by Martens is perfect for film scores, broadcast plays everywhere and for any soundtrack. The overall concept is fantasy driven leaving you wanting to see something visual behind his music and Martens, has been working with experimental styled music that is very much avant garde in that underground way, for many years. “From the first second I heard the Martens produced material,” says Don Lichterman, “I could visualize it being played around futuristic artwork almost like when hear music while walking on those conveyor belts from terminal to terminal at the O Hare Airport, in Chicago.”

Look for the brand new upcoming Martens, Deliverance CD, to hit stores all over the world, on January 24th, 2012.

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